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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which Form 8815 Pros

Instructions and Help about Which Form 8815 Pros

Hey guys I'm playing some World of Warcraft warlords of Draenor here and I'm going to show you some cool gold making secrets that many of you probably don't know about these are been keeping me secret for a couple years I think it's time they come out so I'm going to put my backpack here and as you can see I'm loaded I'm rich I have a lot of money and I'm going to show you how to get a lot of money like me so you can go off and show your friends how a good you are now the first thing I'm going to show you is a tactic i like to call plotting out the scope so just watch carefully as I kill this young Gore tusk at level 12 so I mighty can't see it when I have Microsoft Excel open on the other monitor so I can not really calculate which move to use to the maximum amount of damage just want to be sufficient as possible should be a couple more hits here speedo I fey-blood raid there we go all right shouldn't be too long okay now as soon as you kill your target you're going to stop moving like that don't touch your WASD keys and you're going to look around into the sky now it maybe uh maybe daytime maybe nighttime wherever you're playing and you want to find the Sun now I think I don't think this guy has the Sun must be part of some kind of world of warcraft lore so you're just going to look at like the brightest part of the sky and what you want to do is you want to face your character you may need to get a protractor fix your character exactly towards the brightest part of the sky and now watch what happens when you loot this thing see look at that more loot than normal and that's part of the secret if you keep doing that over and over you'll get more rare drops that you can sell a lot of money so I just ok so the gold making tutorial not that how to harass women tutorial so we're just going to go check on our gear here and get some pair repairs before we go out and kill more stuff now you're probably thinking hey pro tutorials why making a video about making a world of warcraft gold i thought you were a hacker well I mean you know it's kind of like my secret life you know when I was on the playground as a kid they would call me the smelter because I just made so much gold in video games ritual gold so we're going to go over to a William MacGregor here the Bowyer we're going to right click them and who um wow look at that look at those my clothes low polygon little polycount hooters goddamn slow no just want to wrap my hands around them probably feel like you're holding a Rubik's Cube you just want to solve just dangling there look at her face she doesn't care she knows I'm here she can't do anything about it I'm gonna do jena mcgregor her husband's aren't there but he can't do anything about it because he's not real yeah oh yeah that's damn oh my god I can see inside you look at that firm support of chest wow she sure knos here your eyes twinkle like a like an ocean full of boats there's nobody around we all know about us Gina tie you up and trade supplies with you fucking slap those slut lows hooters around dirty little whore God trade supplies right about to trade some supplies with you fuck oh gosh don't think she's wearing anything under there God look at them bounce Gina filthy little low poly slut damn oh my God look at expanding and contracting like a suspension bridge with cars going across it can't do anything the winds blowing through them just moving naturally oh my god that's oh man like pillows it's like a cloud in the sky just move.

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