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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which Form 8815 Reform

Instructions and Help about Which Form 8815 Reform

Music I want to start by acknowledging with gratitude I stand here on the traditional unceded territory of in la scream Squamish and slay with his presentation amid all the fun exciting and emotional talks you're going to hear today I get to tell you about voting systems how they work how they sometimes don't work the perennial Canadian problem of electoral dysfunction there someday will be a drug in the meantime we have it in our hands to fix our broken voting system but first we need to understand it so one of the things I want to share with you is that it's really easy to vote using almost any voting system you can think of but people who use that voting system often find it hard to explain the system they're used to I discovered this when I was on the special parliamentary committee on electoral reform and forum research came to us to tell us that they had polled Canadians to find out if we even knew the name of the system we're using now they made it easy they actually created a multiple choice list and went out to find out could Canadians pick from a list you know you've got to let your preferential voting proportion representation or first-past-the-post I was actually quite surprised to find that most Canadians couldn't properly name the system we're using from a multiple choice question only 40 percent could and 40 percent saw that it was first-past-the-post also probably couldn't explain how it worked exactly because any voting system can be complicated to explain even if it's easy to use for instance I hear news media people all the time during an election talking about the campaign to elect a new prime minister news flash to news media we don't elect prime ministers in Canada we do not hold an election to choose a new Prime Minister the only voters in Canada who ever saw Justin Trudeau's name on a ballot in 2022 were the voters in Papineau in his riding in Quebec we elect members of parliament in a Westminster parliamentary system want to shed a bit of light on that but I want to give us three easy how to things you think about when you design a voting system okay and I'll walk them a walk you through them but here they are three things one design a voting system for people not horses it's more important than you think this one to avoid the problem of having the wrong winner and three Wow I think you already are ahead of me on this but three come up with a voting system that's designed for voters not for political parties so let me start with the first one what about horses why do we have so much horsey stuff in our voting system we talk about the ridings we have ridings across Canada each riding a Lexington P and then we have the electoral system we use first-past-the-post bull riding is about how much of a district in the olden days you could ride around on horseback I guess to either collect the votes or go back to tell your constituents what you've been doing at first-past-the-post is a term from horse racing horse racing term so all of these these strange things that were going on we're involving horses now first-past-the-post is actually a rule that was the the first horse that got its nose over the line would win all the money even if that horse was later disqualified I found this from a book published in 1880 called racehorses in training you could probably find it too and it referred to this rule and said fortunately it was stopped according it was stopped in its infancy thanks to the vigilance of the jockey club right the system we used to vote is named for something they used to do in horse racing that the jockey club got rid of in 1880 just just say it must be a wonderful system now all of these horses and all of these riders where were they all riding around not in Canada all of this terminology and all the system came from Rule Britannia Britannia rule the waves the great British Empire developed the system of voting that we have and only those countries that were ever part of the British Empire use this system that's something else the Canadians don't really know about our system of voting first-past-the-post most modern democracies don't use it they don't go near it there are many reasons why not and I'll get into some of those but it's a it's a hand-me-down now in 1867 which we all know because it is now yay 150th birthday of Canada recognizing that there were other people here first I just like to remind us of that when we celebrate the 150th birthday but our Constitution the British North America Act 1867 said Canada's Parliament shall be elected using the system we're using now at Westminster until such time as the Canadian Parliament decides on its own system 150 years and Counting we are essentially still wearing Queen Victoria's old hand-me-downs we have not improved on it and it's not as though Parliament's haven't tried I was again something I learned from being on the special parliamentary committee on electoral reform the first time the Canadian Parliament studied our voting system was in 1921 and they concluded that in any democracy with more than two parties which Canada had three four or five parties since the early part of the 20th century that in any system with more than two parties first-past-the-post did not work it was a bad system for Canada but we didn't take it forward to figure out what would be a good system well let me take you to the second problem the problem of the wrong winner now it's been on our minds a lot.

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