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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which Form 8815 Reload

Instructions and Help about Which Form 8815 Reload

This is part 31 of angularjs tutorial in this video we'll discuss page refresh issue that may arise when we refresh or load the same web page again first let's understand what this page refresh issue is all about we will continue to work with the same example that we worked with in our previous video at the moment we are on slash home so we see the home page information let's navigate to slash students where we can see the list of student names now when I click on any student name we can see that specific student details at this point when we refresh or reload this web page look at what's going to happen let's reload this web page by right-clicking on the web page and then selecting reload notice we have lost the student details and we have also lost the styles of the web page let's see what errors we are getting to see the errors that we are getting let's launch browser developer tools to launch browser developer tools I am going to click on the Settings button and then select more tools and developer tools this should launch browser developer tools and look at the number of error messages we are getting back we are getting three error messages and all three error messages say the same thing uncalled syntax error unexpected token angular bracket these error messages does not provide any useful information at this point I'm going to reload this webpage by simply clicking in the address bar and then pressing enter notice we get a different message here resource interpreted s style sheet but transferred with mine type text slash HTML and this message is referencing this style sheet styles dot CSS so basically this is telling this time sheet styles dot CSS is transferred with mime type text slash HTML maybe that's the reason why we are losing styles on our layout page to fix this issue all we have to do is move this base href tag from the bottom to to below title tag within the head section of our index dot HTML page this should fix that issue so let's save our changes and let's go back to home page and what I'm going to do is close developer tools and then press ctrl R and at this point let's navigate to slash students we can say list of students and then I'm going to click on one of the student names you can see student details and at this point look at this when I select reload we don't have that problem anymore or when I click in the address bar you know and reload the webpage again we don't have that problem let's also plus control R and control f5 so with any of these we don't have any hu now either with page refresh or page load the page is still continue to work as we expect it to work thank you for listening and have a great day.

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