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Which Form 8815 Rewards: What You Should Know

Free Tax Call | IRS.gov Free File is the preferred means of filing your federal taxes, but it doesn't replace tax preparation software. Free File takes the guess work out of the free tax preparation process by including Free File-specific features to streamline the tax process for taxpayers of all types. Whether you're a resident student who wants to file your taxes online, a family member doing your taxes for you, or a freelancer who just wants a quick and easy way to file your taxes, Free File has an option for you. Free Download | IRS.gov Freewill is a free software application for filing your federal taxes. It is an online free tool for students, parents, and anyone else who plans to file a federal tax return. Freewill will work on any PC, and it is completely free. Freewill is offered the same as IRS.gov Free File, available for all American taxpayers regardless of income. You can use Freewill on any home computer, and Freewill can be made available to individuals and businesses on one computer or multiple computers. Free File is not as simple or convenient that Free File is, and Freewill does require that you enter some personal, tax-related information before you can access certain features. The IRS offers several tax filing options to help you get started. If you file your taxes by mail, use Form 1040EZ, Payment by Mail, for single filers with no tax liability, and form 1040NR, Withholding by Mail, for filing jointly with your spouse. Check out other IRS tax pages for more information. If you file your taxes by mail: Form 1040EZ If you file by computer: Free File for students, taxpayers doing their own taxes, and taxpayers who have trouble completing a W-2 Other types of filing: Filing status Estate and retirement information For those taxpayers who don't want to pay for tax preparation online, Free File is available for anyone with an internet-connected computer or tablet and an e-mail address. Freewill is offered in English, Spanish, French, German, and Portuguese, and if needed, it can be provided to you in one of the other five languages. If you need to use an interpreter, you can receive one at no cost through IRS.gov, an IRS Website that will provide you with free translation services from a variety of translators available through private companies and organizations.

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