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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which Form 8815 Rico

Instructions and Help about Which Form 8815 Rico

Hi and welcome back to my channel sweets and beyond today we're going to be making authentic Puerto Rican mofongo mofongo is a traditional dish made in a lot of restaurants in Puerto Rico it is the easiest thing to make we start with plantain or Platanos garlic salt pepper olive oil canola oil for frying and a mortar and a pestle or a pillow so let's get started now we're going to start with the blood gonna this is a plot of plantain blood on oh this is a banana the difference is this can be in raw this cannot okay so what we're going to do is we're going to take a plug on and if you see it has seams or sort of ridges if you can see them so you're going to score it not going in too deep in those seams okay you scored it already so now we're going to cut the ends off and with a small knife you're going to push the skin off of the actual plantain once you front once you start peeling it off you can easily do it with your hands if you get a little stuck you just go again with your knife pull it apart and it'll go there is a difference between a plantain and a green banana too because in Puerto Rican cooking we also use green bananas green bananas we boil them and they will look just like this but totally green and they wouldn't be soft they will be hard so we continue to peel our platinum you just put your knife in here I already did one this is just water and some salt the water should taste a little bit salty and we're going to soak our Platanos for 15 minutes before frying them the process is we will cut them up in 1-inch pieces okay here you go I don't like that we will cut them up in one-inch pieces here's a blood panel so now we're just going to put them in the water with salt so you do this with I have four big plantings so we're going to do this for all four of them we're going to slice them open them cut them in pieces and we're going to let them soak for 15 minutes in the saltwater and then we will be back and we'll start it has been 15 minutes that the black dye knows the plantings have been soaking in water I just drained them and I let them dry off a little bit you don't want water in your hot oil now the stove I have it at a 6 and a half from low to high is 10 I have it at a 6 and a half so we're now we're going to start placing Oh canola oil it should reach halfway to the planting it's easier with my head the oil is too hot right now because you don't want to brown them you just want to cook them so I lowered it to a 5 so all the plantings are in right now I had had it originally at seven I lowered it to a five while I was placing the plant ends in plantains I don't know I think love and maybe you can understand better and now I upped it to a six so now we're going to fry them for fifteen minutes seven minutes on each side see right now they turn nine all the time to accompany this you can make it can stand alone as it's just on mofongo or it could be a side dish I just made be collegial which is like a Puerto Rican style chili with no beans and or no spice and white rice here is the because of you that I made I'll show you next time how to make this and the white rice which I have to stir and it's done so it has been seven minutes already and now we're going to flip them and if they are not browning there we're just cooking them and the temperature is still at six and it's okay if some of them mean they're different sizes different widths so it's okay if some of them look a little bit darker but what you do not want is for them to brown this is the same method you would use to cook tostones what you would do is after you cooked up like this you flatten them with a toast Aneta or just you can do it with a little mallet or between something and you can use squash them flatten them and you fry them again and those would be those doughnuts but now we're making mofongo so you just flip them off and we wait seven more minutes so it has been seven minutes it has been seven minutes already and they're ready now I'm just putting them in a bowl to drink with some paper towels and we're going to get ready to make our mph own now we're going to start assembling or more foam here is the mortar and pestle this one my friend gave it to me for Christmas she got it at Bed Bath & Beyond okay so pre plug Bed Bath & Beyond so we're going to start with extra-virgin olive oil and pour a little bit in here one garlic clove with which I had peeled cut off the end and washed we're going to sprinkle a little bit of salt and a little bit of fresh cracked pepper so now we're going to take oh wait I forgot we mash this up so this way the oil can get the flavor the salt and the garlic so now we're going to add to three pieces this is a really small moron testicle so now we're going to mash it up go straight down and it's very important.

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