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For our top story this our US national security adviser john bolton is branding Russia and China's activities in Africa as quote predatory practices he made those statements while unveiling the United States new strategy for the African continent which he claims is aimed at the future prosperity of the region artis Murad gazia explains disregarding that it reads more like a declaration of war than a strategy this plan is for the good of Africa promises john bolton this coming from a guy who is boss trump infamously referred to several African nations as something that I can't mention on air the predatory practices pursued by China and Russia stunt economic growth in Africa threatened the financial independence of African nations and posed a significant threat to US national security interest it's interesting logic so when China or Russia or someone else you don't like lends an African nation money that's debt colonialism almost financial slavery when America does it its investment the Africa's own good worth mentioning is that Russia's trade with the continent pales into insignificance when compared to the u.s. or China look at this rail line this highway hydropower station all built with Chinese investment Beijing is raising entire cities with more to come billion dollars in support of Africa to government to society and financing of financial industries and Enterprise mentorship the phrase actions speak louder than words is entirely applicable here the Chinese leader Xi Jinping has visited Africa nine times during his tenure Trump once sent his wife but what the United States might lack impact it more than makes up with guns American troops stationed in 50 out of 50 for African nations it has 34 military sites thousands and thousands of soldiers across the entire continent and a long history of military interventions China has one base in Djibouti Russia has none American troops are there for Africans own good Washington would say speaking of which you remember the whole Chinese and Russian money bad American money good thing well it turns out not so much our new foreign assistance strategy will ensure that all US foreign aid in every corner of the globe advances US interest countries that repeatedly vote against the United States and international forums or take actions counter to US interest should not receive generous American foreign aid John Bolton ladies and gentlemen man who unveiled America's new Africa plan so much for financial independence Africans good luck and joining us now to discuss the future in Africa is history professor at the University of Houston Gerald Horne professor thanks for being with us today so John Bolton is is blasting China and Russia for advancing their respective relationships with the whole of Africa calling China and Russia corrupt should African leaders heed this advice from John Bolton the short answer is no they should only heat that advice if they're interested in continuing to be a caboose on the train derivative by Washington Paris and London it's difficult to know whether to laugh or cry when listening to mr. Bolton's remarks after all I sit here as a descendant of the African slave trade which is the epitome the symbol of the historic relation with the African continent and the United States of America sadly enough what mr. Bolton is proposing is not going to help African nations dig out of the hole that was dug for them as a result not only at the African slave trade but of colonialism and neocolonialism and I want to touch for a second on the Chinese so they didn't take these insults lying down take a listen to what the Chinese foreign ministry spokesman fired back within the I'll get your thoughts on the other side when it comes to cooperation with Africa we always keep in mind there discuss how to properly tackle them such as modernized agriculture and rapid industrialization the relevant people from the US however besides talking about their own wages thinks about how to counter China and Russia with Africa this is interesting who is truly making benefits for a professor how do you see how do you foresee Chinese African relations playing out in this next millenium well if you look at what's going on in Africa now if today is any indication of the future things look rather bright and promising after all just recently Senegal in Dakar the capital opened a Museum of black civilisation funded by China there is a major railroad built in Ethiopia that leads into Djibouti giving that landlocked country an opening to the sea financed by China there's a railroad from Nairobi the capital of Kenya to Mombasa the Indian Ocean port city financed by China all of this is pure adrenaline to the economies of these African nations and if that's any indication I think that relations between China and Africa are bright certainly mr. Bolton proposed nothing of that dimension or scale well there were not details that's for sure people were quite disappointed that it was a lot of platitudes and Bolton I might add is talking about Africa as if it's one big country when in reality it's an entire continent made up of over 50 independent sovereign nations is mr. Bolton being glib when referring to Africa in such a manner glib or ignorant but perhaps he's catching up to the news which is that as a result of balkanization of colonialism visited upon the African continent the days independent Africa has over four dozen states which play a major role in the United Nations General Assembly they wield a lot of weight there and also in other multilateral bodies such as the World Trade Organization for example and I think that that's one of the reasons why mr. Bolton has done a 180-degree reversal on mr. Trump's pledge and promised to back away from foreign aid particularly to African nations because he realizes the weight and muscle.

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