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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which Form 8815 Spouse

Instructions and Help about Which Form 8815 Spouse

Robitaille Sabri where say liamri walk that amid lasagna holy allahumma thabbitna and inaudible a ilaha il'allah w'allahu madam in alladhina amanu aminu sorry hat what I was hoping Huck what I was always up I mean Arabella I mean in our religion there are two fundamental responsibilities that every human being owes there is a responsibility we owe to Allah and there's a responsibility or a set of responsibilities we owe to other people that starts with your own family different members of your family and then beyond that to your neighbor and beyond that to humanity at large it's actually much easier to talk about what we owe Allah because what we owe Allah is very clear simple and Allah Azza WA JAL is always just and fair so at least one side there's no possibility of unfairness and that's Allah and so when the expectations are given from him then there is absolutely no argument or ambiguity or lack of clarity however when you talk about a relationship between people for instance the relationship between an employer and an employee or the relationship between a parent and a child or a husband and a wife or siblings or whatever else when you talk about any of these relationships there's a possibility that one or either side does something wrong so here you are doing your part you're fulfilling your responsibilities but the other side is not doing their part they're not fulfilling their responsibilities and when that happens it's a very common tendency for you to say well they don't do their part why should I do my part so the relationships we have with Allah essentially the relationship we have with a licen surely is very fundamental very simple very straightforward actually the only possibility of wrongdoing is on my end and that's why we begin our relationship with him with the first du'a in human history robinov alumni and fuss Hanna talks with Lana but I have not an akuna in the middle class sitting master we wronged ourselves if you don't forgive us and if you don't show us mercy were of the lost there's no possibility that Allah will do wrong well novel Emunah Moroccan canoe and force our honeymoon they didn't wronged us they were only wronging themselves and Eliza would never you know he doesn't do one to people warm honorable allow me lil I bead on the other hand though like I was saying in this introduction people are complex and all the other relationships we have are complicated the thing is though that these are very important and these are things that we're going to be asked about before when we stand in front of Allah our relationship with Allah when you fix that relationship it creates a sense of responsibility to all your other relationships in other words what I'm trying to say is if you are very good to Allah but very bad to your appearance that actually means you're still very bad to Allah Allah Azza Whitten has given you responsibilities to your parents to your spouse to your children to your brother to your sister to humanity and if you don't fulfill those then you have disregarded what Allah gave responsibility Allah gave you right so we have to actually fulfill those rights and those obligations to the best of our ability as well but it's so hard to talk about it's hard to talk about because if I were to give this lecture about I just hold BA about the rights of parents for example there will be children in the audience and there are young you know sons and daughters around the world that have been abused by their parents that's a fact there are parents that were not good parents that is a reality and when they hear that lecture about how good you have to be to your parents they say to themselves wait but they didn't do anything for me what did they do they actually even abused me there are parents that are physically abusive emotionally abusive they're people that appears that are spiritually abusive there all kinds of abuse that happens and why did they get a blank check and so when someone listens to one side then they get upset how come you didn't present the other side similarly if I was to give the lecture today the whole but today about the rights of the husband then a lot of wives would be upset what about our side why should I give him all these rights what is he done and if I were to do this for the man and say well these are the responsibilities that we have towards the women then the men will be upset well yeah okay fine I have all these responsibilities but she messes up all the time and you don't say anything about that what are we supposed to do so you know what happens in in discussing any of these rights and responsibilities there's always a chip on our shoulder there's always this defense mechanism wait are you going to balance this equation or what so the first thing I wanted to address is that elephant in the room today's table is actually about the responsibilities of men and that will in fact make some men very upset because they're going to say you didn't say anything about women inshallah my next code by here will be about women so I'll make them upset as much probably promise you no but the the thing is though that there's a very natural and I would even say a tendency inspired by iblees himself is that he makes us forget our responsibilities and he makes us think all the time about our rights so when you are being reminded of your responsibilities you say to yourself well I don't get my rights why should I think about my.

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