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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which Form 8815 Topic

Instructions and Help about Which Form 8815 Topic

How do I choose a thesis topic now if you're a student and as part of your degree you need to write a major project or thesis then you're going to ask yourself this question how do I choose a topic for my thesis so in this presentation I wanted to share with you some tips there are two really really important pieces of advice that I can share with you the first one is it's your thesis that's no one else's it's yours it's not your supervisors or your advisers it is yours you're going to be writing it it's going to have your name on it so the important thing here is that you need to take ownership and responsibility of your thesis so that's really important take-home message number one the second really important piece of advice I can give to you is to talk with as many people as possible that includes potential supervisors it includes your students and Friends people that have completed a thesis why would you want to talk to all those groups well so you can make any informed decision about what you're going to study or research or write about okay you can profit from other people's experience and wisdom okay so when you consult your advisor what are some good questions to ask well there's kind of two ways of doing this you can either approach them with your ideas for the topic of the thesis and see what they think or you can actually ask them what do you suggest and usually that the sort of best ways is a little bit of both okay so you perhaps come with some ideas and bounce them off them and then they come back with some other suggestions or some related suggestions that way it's kind of works out quite nicely now don't be worried if you don't have any ideas for your thesis your supervisor or advisor may be able to suggest some okay now an important step in narrowing down your thesis topic is to get some reading material from your potential advisor can they give you some links online to look at sort of try before you buy this is important to make sure you get a feel for what you're going to write about okay so talking with advisors what's the other side of the coin here well talking with your students with your colleagues are and see what they can offer so some questions with your - when you're chatting with your fellow students how did they decide on a thesis topic what was their experience like can you see their thesis what mark did they get okay because it's very daunting to think about writing this this great work and not actually having access to examples of different levels of theses also you can ask your advisor for some past thesis and maybe even ask for the grades on them so you have an idea of where the the boundaries are for the different grades okay so you've talked and you've spoken with the supervisor you've spoken with your colleagues you can make an informed decision on what you're going to write about choosing the right topic for your thesis can really set you up for success because it can take a lot of stress out of writing your thesis so I wish you good luck with choosing your thesis topic if you have any questions any comments if you've already done a project or a thesis and you have some advice on how best to choose a thesis topic put them in the comment section below thanks everyone see you later bye.

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