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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which Form 8815 Void

Instructions and Help about Which Form 8815 Void

Hey what's up guys I'm going here and today I'm going to show you the new animations for priests in four patch seven point three we're on the PTR and I'll show you shadow disk and holy and holy crap are they cool I'm not going to start off with disk then just holy and I'll save the best for last because damn shadow looks amazing alright so let's start off with disk yes that that's what I look like is a disk priest get over it and this didn't get to like this can shadow didn't get too many changes but the ones they got are really cool first I'll show you the awesome overall changes to priest so this is our new stance if I right-click this guy I straighten up by posture a little bit and I look like I'm and I'm like I'm ready to juggle something I guess and then I'll show you levitate now levitate is actually a big deal now okay not only does it look better when you strafe left to right see like my character tilts a little bit same as when I move backwards or forward it leans in a bit but the big change to levitate believe it or not you can actually jump while levitating now and this is going to solve so many problems especially for decays actually because I know decays have a problem when they special walk or whatever it's called they sometimes a lot of times get stuck in terrain and since I can jump in levitate I'm pretty sure they can jump in that now so that's really nice I can jump while levitating that that's unheard of you could never jump all levitating before I wonder if you can it seemed like stay mounted levitate no you can't okay so that's it levitate and our new attack stance quit be cool and let me show you the actual animations now for smite first so this is smite BAM really shiny really sparkly then we have pennants this is the new penance nice nice changes smite again and some penance and this is purged two wicked which I think looks like the old holy for I'm not sure if it looks any different from life to be honest I might be wrong but I think it looks less different from life I think this is like the old holy fire and then it also leaves a trail of burning light things on the target then that's pretty cool and there's one more thing for one more change for disk and that is the barrier which looks actually awesome look at that that looks sick so those are all the changes for disk and also you have actually one more animation for mass dispel but this is the same for all the specs and let me show you it while I'm in combat now this sucks okay I'm waiting okay there we go let me show you holy now holy got three changes three changes but they look so amazing they look so good I'm gonna start off with the least impressive one which is a holy word sanctify so I get some mana for it there we go this is the new holy word sanctify nice and now some some really cool ones this is holy Nova check this out ah look at that that looks gorgeous boom I would honestly just jump around and do this all day it looks like arcane explosion the end the character animation that's like the aura and everything looks so good and even your character lights up and everything but there is one that is so much more over the top so this is this is my priest going super saiyan now look at the Hat this is what's it called a prayer of healing actually prayer of healing looks like the ultimate Super Saiyan move and that nothing else has changed this is these are all the changes for holy as far as I know a prayer of healing and holy holy Nova look really really cool awesome and the sound was the same I think yeah and now on to the main event Shadow Priests Shadow Priests got some amazing changes and the biggest one is going to be voidform before we get to voidform let me show you mine last first so this is our new mind blast you can see a little bit of an animation there and some animation in my hand let me show you shadow or death now so the word that is completely changed no more of those swirly things left and right that was kind of an iconic visual foreshadow word that so but this this just looks better like let's be honest this looks so much better you know get over the nostalgia it looks a lot better and then mine Flay is actually bugged outside the void from so I can show you - I can I can press - way it doesn't do anything let me show you then please - vampiric touch actually has an animation now look at that on the character and on the target the future is now vampiric touch has an animation and so does shutter with pain so the word pain is actually bothered because my character does nothing but like that's just a bug and you can see that's swirly thing on target and now I think I showed you everything else there must be that looks like this and now on to the main event are you guys ready are you guys ready for this this is 7.3 voidform boom holy crap look at that let me go through this first real quick clamp a new shadow so let me show you avoid bolt now hook that's why bolt I like it I like it and there's a lot a lot more actually to avoid.

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