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Instructions and Help about Who Form 8815 Amend

It was springtime in 1789 our Constitution began to march through time it looks a lot today like it did back then except for those amendments we added at the end what do you mean added our amendments part of the Constitution yes they are the changes we had it at the end the Constitution was changed many times especially in the beginning ridiculous what's keeping me from changing we the people too we the Penguins whoa well the founding fathers made change difficult good even adding the Bill of Rights was hard what the Bill of Rights freedom of speech and all of that wasn't part of the original Constitution nope why not just get it right the first time and then just say no changes writing the Constitution was no magic trick the founders knew that to move toward a more perfect union our Constitution would have to somehow incorporate new ideas so they gave it Article five to the wild woolly West so how exactly does the Constitution get amended when an idea has enough popular support women ought to have the right to vote for enough time mm burr of Congress brings it to the floor of the House or Senate it's then assigned a committee for debate and refinement if it makes it out of committee the full chamber debates and if two-thirds of members vote for it it passes then it becomes an amendment nope now it goes to the other chamber and repeats the process any differences are worked out in a conference committee and then each chamber votes again oh brother or sister if it passes Congress the National Archives sends copies to each state if three-fourths of states and back ratifications the archivist of the United States certifies proper ratification and the Constitution is amended it isn't easy to change the document that began our great experiment but we changed it back then and it seems to me we can make some changes you.