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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Who Form 8815 Amended

Instructions and Help about Who Form 8815 Amended

Okay once again to save battery and memory on my Canon I'm gonna use two LG g5 for this audit we are now doing the Dyersburg City Hall okay there's their American flag flag how you doing okay that watch for cars like same doctor thank you for the warning I love where over there okay see what they got here now let's turn this thing on wide-angle there you go you guys get a better picture Music okay weird well what does that hold that oh oh air it'll see you about hmm these are magnets okay Music No all right no I might how are you just uh take pictures and video anything I see in public well this public building right yes said that mean is sister Lobby da minha sister lobby yeah okay okay can you call a TC a code that prohibits me other than K sauce okay well if your words are not laws and well thank you how you done I'm right okay authorized personnel only that there I can't go what wait mine is upstairs a public oh okay oh oh wait my see your jacket only paid one go upstairs okay okay how bad huh I miss this what's that American flag how's your name good I'm right here you go okay yeah you hear the clerk lady said we don't allow pictures it's a public building paid by the people's tax dollar and more of all public lobby I can take pictures and everything I want got that guy they're looking at me go ask first name okay know what screw it I'm gonna settle this I'm gonna sell this right here right now oh how you done I'm right okay something going on Music right what's going on you're just making everybody nervous okay anything else okay host ahead person here the mayor someone who can I talk to okay you do know I can take pictures and video of public areas including lobbies right I don't know why they're kind of being paranoid about their paranoia doesn't Trump my constitutional rights okay okay well you know you're not gonna get a confrontation dad no no no no no no yours that's what you're like no no I do going it looks like you're looking for a conference yeah okay well all right once again what's good no no I'm not I'm just taking home sick video and pictures of the public areas you know here's the thing in the day and time that we okay okay I've seen this technique this is the day and age okay yeah I'm saying okay well they're nervous eNOS people have a right to call the police but can I get your name badge number okay okay I see from your badge they're yours chief okay what's what's the problem what's going on Music okay here's question I might be entertained no okay City Hall set here and got paranoid I got the chief I got the guy from the huh I don't know okay but anyway they don't and that guys in the way of the traffic there the chief the chief of police he's in the way of the traffic there that guy that poor soul had to go all the way around him okay know what City Hall City Hall it serves a fail they don't sit here and they don't go paranoid there's another unit there is another unit I done great gold eight on they don't they're sitting up here and they don't got paranoid and now we're up to let's say one two three four I think five cups Wow one cup extra in tupelo I kind of forgot I'm gonna go back and ask for all their names and badge numbers I want to know everybody who was there okay yeah everybody's still here oh yeah okay you're the chief what was your name Ian Rowan or something chief visible okay yes sir what's your name batch number office 39 awesome beard 1039 and captain Davis 1054 you Hanes 10960 what's this what's this name badge number okay but again what's the big deal out of all of this around talking okay can we have you alright then once again it's over me right no stopping okay all right yeah I see she's taking video of me all right well the thing is is let's say one two three four yeah five officers over our cameras kind of ridiculous and when we encouraged on the fioor from here not win courage being policing would talk to our community we have a car okay we enjoy that so okay no bother next all right Davis I believe they're the captain he said I was looking for computation I'm not looking for no confrontation or Nothing I'm just taking pictures the video of anything I could say in public including public lobbies of public buildings and now however I got to say the courthouse is pretty interesting had some pretty interesting had some interesting pictures and all that you know I like the security guard at the courthouse he do I did a good job he's very professional uh he was a talker made tell me uh the courthouse and it was built out of stones from the original one and all that but uh okay uh your name badge number yes Perkins 1097 well okay um but but I'm just trying to see if you guys do you guys do know that it is a First Amendment constitutional right Burnett you know backed by multiple case laws for a citizen to take pictures and video of anything in public space and including public lobbies and public buildings but they are public space and matter of fact I called the state circuit courts talk to a oh I didn't get her name but it was a woman I talked to a public information officer saying that.

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