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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Who Form 8815 Cashed

Instructions and Help about Who Form 8815 Cashed

Music it's easy to avoid paying much minded pennies you don't have to be particularly wealthy to see that it's quite difficult to make a single cent go very far especially with inflation increasing more and more every year and while plenty of people still keep a penny jar in the house for 45 years Botha Anders of Louisiana was taking that practice to an entirely different level after filling up over a dozen five gallon drums with pennies he decided it was time to cash in so he started carding the pennies down to the bank it took the bank more than five hours to count both his bounty but the most amazing part is what they told him when they were done both 'got some seriously unexpected news about his savings it's not always easy to save money but one way that some people try to stretch their dollars is by collecting their coins in a piggy bank sure it might not seem like much initially but eventually that loose change can really add up even with that knowledge though it can be difficult to feel that same way about pennies after all not only are they the least valuable form of American currency still being circulated but with inflation they're being used less and less often not only that but you may have heard that it actually cost more than a penny to make a penny it may sound crazy but it's absolutely true in fact the united states lost approximately 55 million dollars in 2022 from producing pennies yet that doesn't change the fact that if you save enough of just about any form of currency including pennies for a long enough period of time throughout your life you're eventually going to earn a significant payload that's why for more than four decades of his life both anders saved every single penny that he could possibly find he had to know that they weren't going to be worth much but that didn't stop him from trying to be as thrifty as he could one could imagine that otha a louisiana resident must have been proud of himself for making such an effort to literally save every penny that he could it certainly had to take a great deal of commitment and restraint he saved the pants in big 5-gallon jugs and over the years they began to accumulate as you might expect from something like that they really started to take up space it was getting to the point where the amount of coins over the hand was unmanageable that must have been why one day 45 years after he originally started collecting pennies he decided that enough was enough of the started karting his pennies over to the bank it was finally time to cash in and the whole process took over five hours what happened when he made it to the bank though blew everybody's mind they must have known that with that many pennies he would have had a hefty payout but nobody could have predicted exactly how much they'd all be worth that was quite the payday after all those years of literally penny pinching hopefully otha was able to enjoy his earnings he certainly deserved a nice dinner round a fancy glass of champagne or even a luxurious vacation you won't believe how much his coin collection was worth in the video that follows that's about a thousand times better than just finding an old dollar bill in your pocket we should all start saving our pennies right now you.

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