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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Who Form 8815 Contributions

Instructions and Help about Who Form 8815 Contributions

Music you you sometimes chance encounters on the railroad are simply the best Music Applause Music Music on July 17th 2022 we were traveling to Indianapolis Indiana for another railroad related project and decided to make a pit stop at chick-fil-a in Fort Wayne before continuing south on interstate 69 after stopping for lemonade we noticed what appeared to be the headlight of a locomotive as we traveled over the West Coliseum Boulevard grade crossing sure enough Norfolk Southern's LF 14 local was working the industries along the former Grand Rapids and Indiana railroad mainline to our surprise Norfolk Southern High hood GP 38 - - number 51 96 was in charge of today's train less than a week earlier on July 11th we captured the very same locomotive on the Amtrak Michigan line leading train be 33 between Kalamazoo and Jackson we even had the opportunity to capture the locomotive operating long hood forward a Southern Railway tradition that has become harder and harder to see in 2022 Music Music Music Applause Laughter Music Applause Music Applause Music Applause Music Music the 51 96 was built in October of 1976 for the Southern Railway by the electro-motive division of General Motors the 2022 power locomotives served the south on the southern for six years prior to the Norfolk Southern merger in 1982 equipped with a high short hood and set up to run at long hood forward the 51 96 is one of 256 such examples of high hood gp-30 8-2 locomotives ordered by the Southern Railway in August of 2022 many of these locomotives were sold off in a Roanoke Virginia auction leaving 126 locomotives on the current roster today 32 of the remaining 126 have been rebuilt with the Admiral styled cams making it even harder to see a high hood version on the Norfolk Southern most of the remaining high hoods are equipped with radio control equipment which allows the crews to remotely switch yard and Industry trackage without being present in the locomotives cab during our visit we captured the 51 96 in remote-control operation on the GR and I as it switched out busey una Gems cement plant off investment drive today's three-man crew included a conductor trainee who is learning the ropes of local switching out of East Swain yard the GR and I branch as it's called today extends north out of Fort Wayne from Runyon junction to an industrial park near i-69 on the north side of town Applause Music Applause Applause Music Music Applause Music Applause Music Applause Music Applause Music Applause Music Applause Applause Music Music Music Music Music Music Applause Music Applause Music Music Music Music Music the Grand Rapids and Indiana railroad once operated between Mackinaw City and Cincinnati Ohio it was nicknamed the fishing line railroad and was noted for its vacation passenger services to all the major fishing resorts along its route especially in northern Michigan acquired in 1918 by the Pennsylvania Railroad the GR and I was operated for many years as a successful passenger and freight corridor however the GR and I started to see major decreases in freight rail traffic in the early 1970s under Penn Central this was due to changes in Indiana and Michigan's economies and the decline of the heavily regulated freight rail network in 1975 the GR and I in Michigan between Comstock Park and Mackinaw City was not to be included in the final system plan for con rail and was leased by the state of Michigan from Penn central transportation in 1976 the Michigan Northern Railway was assigned the operator of the line and began operations on April 1st 1976 the short line was successful for several years due to their controversial flag out bridge traffic over the Straits of Mackinac which gave them advantage over other railroads with higher rates it was the hope of the Michigan northern to eventually be weaned off their state subsidy but due to poor financial decisions and a statewide recession the railroad suffered when the state of Michigan subsidy ceased along with the retirement of the chief Wadden car ferry in 1984 the Michigan Northern couldn't survive the state purchased the railroad from the Penn Central's parent company but broke its contract agreement with the Michigan northern Michigan northern service ended in the fall of 1984 from Reed City Michigan to Grand Rapids a section of the former Michigan northern trackage stretching from Cadillac to Petoskey continued in service under another railroad contractual operator the Tuscola and Saginaw Bay railway which remains today as the Great Lakes Central Railroad Company Michigan northern trackage between Grand Rapids and Cadillac was redeveloped as the white pine trail State Park with the rails being removed around 1987 the Michigan northern made several attempts to survive but ultimately due to poor financial practices the railroad ceased operations by 1987 by 1990 the majority of the former gr and I trackage in northern Michigan was sold off to a scrapping company and was removed between Kalamazoo and Sturgis the GR and I saw further decreases in rail traffic under con rail when small portions were abandoned in the early 1980s north of Kalamazoo however the GR and I remained intact and was the favored route over the New York Central's Grand Rapids to Kalamazoo Line subsequently the new york central route to Grand Rapids was abandoned earlier in 1976 and the GR and I became the chosen route between the two cities the Kendallville to Fort Wayne segment of the GR and I was later abandoned in sections between 1979 in 1982 under con rail a distance of just over 21 miles there's still several remaining portions of the GR ni that exists today including this section in Fort Wayne in Kendallville a one-mile segment is operated by pioneer rail Korps Kendallville terminal railway to service Kraft Foods in Sturgis Michigan another short portion remains as part of pioneer rails Michigan Southern Railroad.

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