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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Who Form 8815 Dependent

Instructions and Help about Who Form 8815 Dependent

Hello friends, in this video tutorial, we are going to learn how to make a dynamic dependent select or drop-down in Laravel using AJAX. We have already made this type of video tutorial using PHP script, but we have received lots of viewer requests to make this tutorial in Laravel as well. So, here we have used a country, state, and city drop-down example to understand dynamic dependent select. Dynamic dependent means the child select data will depend on the selection of the parent select. If we change the parent select, then the child select data will also change. Now, let's start discussing this topic. This is our testing database, and under this, we have one country, state, and city table. In this table, we have already inserted different country, state, and city data. We will fetch data from this table and make a dynamic dependent drop-down using AJAX in Laravel. We have already installed the Laravel framework, so first, we want to make a database connection. So, we have opened our .env file. In this file, first, we have defined database credentials like hostname, database name, username, and password. After this, we have gone to the config folder and opened the database.php file. In this file, we have also defined the database credentials. This way, we can make a database connection in Laravel. Now, we want to make a controller named DynamicDependenceController. For this, we have gone to the command prompt and already run the composer command. Here, we have typed the following command: ``` php artisan make:controller DynamicDependenceController ``` This command will make a controller named DynamicDependenceController, which we can see here. We have opened the controller file. In this file, first, we have made an index method. So, when we call the controller, this method will be called. This method will load...