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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Who Form 8815 Filing

Instructions and Help about Who Form 8815 Filing

Hi I'm Suzy from nail courage ocation well I've done it I've used one too many times and wrecked my mind but it's not about what I look like is it it's about nails and today we're going to do the geode nail let's get started so the Geo male is all the rage right now the new design it really is I'm sure just somebody discovered it by taking off gel polish and when you do it in layers you notice designs underneath I actually thought of this a little while ago but I never got around to doing it so you do need several layers of polish because when you're filing it off it reveals the colors underneath I have applied several layers of polished gel polish that is but I have a feeling I probably applied too much looking for all those really cool layers so we're going to do a few layers together just to show you what I was doing so these are some of the colors that I've chosen and really it is about the colors the colors makes a big difference on the outcome so I'm just want to do a thin layer because you didn't want every layer to cure in between of course the thicker it is it won't cure properly I did most of them already because they want to take you through all that so which is doing the one-finger that must be cured between every layer tell me wait so it really is about the colors depending on the look that you want I'm trying to give a contrasting look my ID in my head was to try to carve out kind of flower shape everybody's kind of doing the geometric shapes which is really cool my original idea was flowers and I don't know maybe the geometric is the best way to go wasn't going to try the followers and life it doesn't works and I'll divert right to the geometric and act like that's what I was planning all along so do nuke it about 30 seconds in between you can use polish but you have to wait for each layer to dry on the pain that's where the advantage of gel polish comes in in this particular design okay I'm going to put the white against that the way I find can be a little bit thick naturally once it is so highly pigmented it's trying to get that color white so try not to put this stuff on six - or there's this nice bold blue color this is probably where I'm going too many colors getting a little color gritty I think I'll see messed it up in my last being black Music Music you know I think I'm looking and kind of neat to just do black and white black and white box look really cool are we going to regret that until I start filing hopefully the colors will pop up you can just depends on the angle if I'm going to show you okay now I am going to topcoat it because it will file better just in layers and know what Oh - hair now what I want to show you is the files we're going to use here's a selection of files that I have and you can see they're all different kind of shapes this one see the angle that it has if I put it being the surface of the nail here but put it on a certain angle you should reveal the layers of color let's try just going to switch my bit out I'm going to use this guy and see if it works okay yeah look at those colors of Siri Music one of the veal the pink that's the last color I put down so if I just want most of the blue I could just be a lighter touch and you can see some of the white appearing so it just depends on the pressure and of course pusher is really hard to show you on video if I press a little bit harder in the country of machine AMD no complaint take on the over spoon Music that's kind of funky okay so I'm going to do it how they're doing it I've seen a couple on the internet and that is they're just literally just kind of going crazy but in all fairness I don't think they're using that bit I'm going to try but this bit this is a bit softer it's going to take the layers not into them in chunks or big sections of it it's going to take a little bit smoother so creating that little bit more right there that's off yep sorry go Music a little deeper to the blue this should be like Coralie color that I had you know if you didn't have a file a B file that is you could also do it with a hand file actually you're not thank you that could be very effective as well content GeoDesign when we have a jawbreaker remember those drop occurs way back when it has you kind of suck on them for a while to reveal different layers of colors and flavors going to give a centerpiece yes you can do with a hand file too I have to say I might go first the first technique the flowery one looks more elegant to read yeah you might be right about that oh I did do another color under the coral and see if I get maybe it's just too similar to salute hmm okay let me try the flowers again well Wendell I brought this one to see this one it's like a little ball let's see what it does different drill bits will give you obviously different designs so this is what's a circle e1 you can do Music that's actually very excessive pretty good control.

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