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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Who Form 8815 Grants

Instructions and Help about Who Form 8815 Grants

Today we're going to use this laminate flooring to build ourselves a shield that's both decorative and functional Applause for this shield we're gonna go with a classic circle shape so it's affixed together several of our planks so we can measure out the exact size we want the circle of our shield we're gonna make today is going to be just under two feet in diameter so four of our planks should be plenty let's start by fitting our four flags together so they form one smooth flat surface with our two boards roughly put together we now want to use a tapping block to ensure that they're pressed together as closely as possible and avoid damaging the edges let's do the same exact thing with our next two boards fit the grooves in together at an angle push them down and together until it begins to lie flat with our four planks together you can see how they're already strong enough that they hold themselves together as one cohesive board at this point we need to draw on the shape that we want our shield to be and then we'll cut that out using a jigsaw since this shield is going to be a circle let's use a piece of string a marker and a piece of tape to work as a compass to draw out our shape on the surface by letting the markers swivel inside the loop on the string we should be able to keep a uniform length from our center point instead of having the string bind up around the pen we're going for about a 23 inch diameter on our circle so let's put our marker at eleven and a half inches and then we'll attach our tape at the other end of the string let's just fold the tape over and add another piece of tape this will make sure that as we draw none of the string gets pulled through and the size of our circle won't change let's trim off the extra string at this point we should now have a compass that lets us draw a perfect circle all the way around on our flooring Music beautiful look at that circle that is a nice circle right there now we just need to cut the four pieces out of our core planks and then fit them back together let's start by trimming off the extra that we aren't going to need on this plank Applause there we have it the four cutout planks that will fit together to form the circle of our shield we can put it together the same way we put our place together the first time all right looking pretty good we now have a circle of our boards put together this is already looking like a pretty decent shield in that opinion now even though the planks of this flooring do hold themselves together pretty easily it is still possible to pop them apart if we put them at the right angle so we need to add some support onto our shield so that the planks can't bend in the direction that pops them open to reinforce our shield let's take a piece of this kitchen cabinet facing I like this stuff because it is sturdy but it's also fit enough that it won't add any significant weight to our shield to get our shape just right let's lay the back of the shield in contact with the white side of our board and then trace that out with a marker now of course we need to cut this circle out of the board Applause there we go we've got our two circles they line up nicely together now we just need to attach them to each other we'll use these screws and washers to attach our thin panel to the back of our flooring we want to make sure that we're using screws that are long enough that they'll get through our laminate board and into our flooring but not so long that they will stick out through the other side to make sure that our back panel is really well attached to our front panels let's add one screw on either end of each board and then a couple more in the middle just to make sure everything is held sterli together we want to pre-drill our screw holes so that the screws don't break the board apart but we also want to make sure we don't drill all the way through our board into the other side so let's actually mark on our drill bit about how far down we want to drill this black stripe will be easily visible even while our drill bit is spinning and now we know not to drill any deeper than that mark Music Applause Music with the backing installed on the planks the boards can no longer be flexed apart and they hold themselves together really well with the body of the shield built let's add a handle and a strap that add functionality and let us wear it we have a gate handle that will attach onto the back of our board and this will be how we hold on to our shield let's see trying to make sure that we have this in just the right spot I've got the shield balanced up on a table and if I line my arm up right where I want it to go when I'm using the shield it gives us a pretty good sense of where to install the handle looks pretty good to me lay that down that is where we want our shield handle installed let's mark those points to install our handle let's use some slightly longer screws since we need them to fit through the hardware and still get a good grip on the wood of the shield below for the handle I'm using five eighths inch screws all.

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