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St. kitts and nevis have one of the longest written histories in the Caribbean both islands being among Spain's and England's first colonies in the archipelago despite being only two miles apart and quite diminutive in size st. Kitts and Nevis were widely recognized as being separate entities with distinct identities until they were forcibly United in the late 19th century topic pre-columbian period 2900 BC to 1493 ad the first natives to live on the islands as early as three thousand years ago were called C Binet however the lack of pottery makes their origin and timeline uncertain they were followed by the Arawak peoples or Taino in 800 AD the warlike island caribs followed and had expanded north of st. Kitts by the time of the Spanish conquest peak native populations occurred between 500 and 600 AD topic the first europeans 1493 to 1623 the first Europeans to see and name the islands were the Spanish under Christopher Columbus who sighted the islands on eleven and the 13th of November 1493 during his second voyage he maimed st. kitts and Jorge st. George and Nevis San Martin cited on st. Martin's day by 1540 Nieves was used by the Spanish an abbreviation of santa maria de las Nieves a reference to its cloud cover resembling snow Sir Francis Drake mentions visiting st. Christopher's Island in 1585 during Christmas the next European encounter occurred in June 1603 when Bartholomew Gilbert gathered lignum vitae on Nevis before stopping at st. Kitts in 1607 Captain John Smith stopped at Nevis for five days on his way to founding the first successful settlement in Virginia Smith documented the many hot springs in Nevis whose waters had remarkable curative abilities against skin ailments and bad health Robert Harcourt stopped at Nevis in 1608 topic st. kitts and nevis 1623 to 1700 in 1620 Ralph Mara field and Sir Thomas Warner received from King James the first a royal patent to colonize the leeward islands but with overall authority through James hey 1st Earl of Carlyle Mara Field and Warner formed the company more Wars Hope which was renamed Society of adventurers which merged into the Royal African company in 1660 for Warner arrived on st. Kitts on the 28th of January 1623 with 15 settlers and came to terms with the Carib chief UBA Thoth agreement a three Frenchmen were already on the island either Huguenots refugees pirates or castaways the hurricane of September 1623 wiped out their tobacco and vegetable crop yet the colony survived in Grille hopewell arrived in 1624 an included Warner's friend Colonel John Jefferson who built Wingfield manor this.y efforts in may have been an ancestor of Thomas Jefferson's in 1625 a French captain Pierre blamed S&M buek arrived on st. Kitts aboard his fourteen gun Brigantine and a crew of 40 he had escaped a three-hour battle with a 35 gun Spanish warship near the cayman islands in 1627 Warner and Destin buek split the island in four quarters with the English controlling the middle half and the French the end quarters Cardinal Richelieu formed the company de st. Christoph in 1626 and 40 slaves were purchased from Senegal by 1635 the number of slaves on st. Kitts had grown to 500 to 600 and by 1665 the French West India Company replaced the company as the European population on st. Kitts continued to increase chief tegra men grew hostile to the foreigners in 1626 and plotted their elimination with the help of other island caribs however a native woman named barb informed Warner and Destin ambu of the plot and they decided to take action the Europeans acted by getting the Indians intoxicated at a party before returning to their village where 120 were killed in their sleep the following day at a site now called bloody point with a ravine known as bloody river over 2,000 Caribs were massacred by 1640 the remaining Caribs not enslaved on st. Kitts Nevis and Antigua were removed Dominika in 1628 Warner allowed Anthony Hilton to settle nevis along with 80 others from st. vets Hilton had recently escaped murder by his indentured servant and decided to sell his st. Kitts plantation Hilton's 80 were joined by 100 other settlers originally bound for Barbuda the 1629 English colonization was led by George done both powers then proceeded to colonize neighboring islands from their bases the English settled Nevis 1628 Antigua 1632 Montserrat 1632 and later Anguilla 1650 and Tortola 1670 to the French colonized Martinique 1635 the Guadeloupe archipelago 1635 st. Martin 1648 st. Barths 1648 and st. Croix 1650 st. Kitts and Nevis suffered heavily from a Spanish raid in 1629 led by Faudree de Toledo first Marquis of en Nueva de Velde Wazza all settlements were destroyed nine hostages taken back to Spain and 600 men taken to work the mines in Spanish America four ships were supposed to carry the rest back to England but they returned to the island soon after the Spanish departed this was the only Spanish attempt to keep the English and French out of the leeward islands during the Battle of the Figtree in 1635 the French forcefully removed English settlers who had encroached into the French portion of Saint Kitts the French used 250 armed slaves in the conflict the island's earliest cash crop was tobacco along with ginger and indigo dye however production from the Caribbean and North American colonies deflated the price resulting in an 18-month moratorium on st. Kitts tobacco farming in 1639 this prompted the production of sugar from sugarcane on st. Kitts in 1643 and on Nevis in 1648 windmills were built to crush the Canes and extract the juice the planters grew prosperous and even rich where Nevis became the richest British colony in the Western Hemisphere by 1652 by 1776 st. Kitts was the richest British colony per capita though indentured servants were common amongst the islands fewer than half survived their.

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