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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Who Form 8815 Index

Instructions and Help about Who Form 8815 Index

Okay today I'm going to teach about some basic law of in in dice or Jesus okay all right for this in dice actually few more very important the first law is called what is called a power of M multiple any power of n here equal to a and the power when the multiple here the power is plus M plus M okay so for example two power of seven multiples to power of e so you'll get 2 power of 7 plus e so we can get to power of 15 okay so when there's multiple in the power word you have 2 plus ok ok 70 when divided let's see a power M divided by a power of n you'll get a M minus n okay so when divided this one will be my god so let's say you see this car example like to power of 8 divided by 2 power of 3 so you will get 2 power of e minus 3 pixie the power you have to use - when this device okay so therefore you will get so you get 2 power of 2 power of 5 okay same thing happens to some other law okay for example I decide I put here first okay this is multiply and divide okay now we have a look on fraction means the power section let's say M power of let's say 3 or 2 okay what is the meaning by M power of 3 or 2 alright this one you have to remember on the top here the tree here means power the bottom the two here will be roof those who argue that square roof cute roof this is roof this power like square cube so top will be power bottom of a roof when you see faction in the power you have to know how to define okay so this one actually we can write like this I say 3 is a power so M power of 3 and 2 is the roof so to me OB square root or you can write this bottom first me you write the square root of us here becomes square root of M okay power of 3 so power tree okay both also you will get the same value okay you can write the square root first or on the power first so I give one more example let's say a 7 over 3 okay top will be power bottom of a roof so actually this one you can write to you can you can change to like I need to get change to a power of 7 and then Q roof see the tree here will be Q of 70 or miss a power of 7 or you can write q Rufus a and then a holding power of seven and they said yeah okay so same things sometime in exam maybe you see discount question like square root 2x plus 1 so actually this one when you see square root 2x plus 1 actually this one you can change to 2x plus 1 power of 1 over 2 3 1 over 2 equal to square root same thing when you see Q root of 4x minus 7 so you can change to 4x minus 7 and then the whole thing will be power of 1 over 3 see because here power would be 1 nothing here means power is 1 so you see the Tripitaka me q roof if you never anything means square so square is square root is equal to 1 over 2 q roof is so equal to 1 over 3 okay so unless okay maybe a silica example like you roof off for 4 X minus 7 and then square the whole thing okay so you got square your q roof remember - we write at the top got 2 is the power the TV right when the bottom bigotry is the roof therefore this 1 will equal to 4x minus 7 power of 2 over 3 okay this is a power okay okay and then what happened is when you see active in your power okay this I put here okay what happened if you see negative place let's say a negative seven okay remember here when you see negative negative means one over when you see negative directly you miss one over so a necklace that one will be this one over any power of seven okay if a negative three over two we see negative so when B is one for a power of three or two okay seventy if you give you 1/4 1/3 square when you see one over three squared will equal to one over means negative Krannert one over means negative so you see the power for 3 will be 2 so it's three power negative 2 1 over mid- so let's say you see 1 over 2x minus 1 square we will see 1 over means actually the power here will add a negative so we say well no this is 2x minus 1 power of negative 2 because we see 1 over 1 over will be negative okay so let's say you s you see something like 3x plus 1 okay and then power negative 3 so you see negative means what negative of me empower a negative empower b14 okay so we write continued 3x plus 1 power of 3 ok this is the meeting for negative okay and then what happened is power multiple by power okay for example okay so I put here okay for example you'll get something like this okay a power M and then this power the power again is n so this 1 will equal to a power and multiple n means m and so for example you got 3 power of 3 and then the whole thing power again is 2 this 1 will equal to 3 multiple to not 3 power.

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