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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Who Form 8815 Liability

Instructions and Help about Who Form 8815 Liability

Hello Movers & Shakers welcome to another episode of the real Jay Burnham show so glad you're here we're gonna be talking about liability waivers and release forms and why you should do that to cover your ass that's ass you get what I did there ha ha Chuck nice laugher alright guys we're gonna get you right into the thing um you know the other day I made a video about the BBB because I saw something that one is a the forms of that I'm a part of and everybody was asking about the BBB well on that same forum there was another thing about um something came up I posted a meme on Instagram about how movers don't disconnect gas electric water lines they coming so on and so forth how they don't take TV things they don't remove things from the wall and so on and a lot of people kept saying well I do it I do it and what came up is the thing about waivers these release of liability forms the and that what basically is is that movers will you know disconnect gas electric water lines they will remove things from the home they will drive on the customers land but the customer has to be willing to sign what is called a release of liability waiver or release of liability form other basically it just says hey you you you know we're gonna drive on your property there's there's potential risk in us doing that and you're gonna suit all risk and liability including towing us out of the and all cost that might be incurred including like towing us out of your yard fixing your yard and so on so forth you're gonna release the honest the moving company from any damages or any I abilities that may occur you cannot sue us if something happens and I think this is very smart if you're going to do things that are going to be risky that that you know the there's a high potential of damage or risk and you want to prthat service to your customer then what you need to do is have release of liability forms or release of liability waivers for them to sign and you should have a specific waiver or a specific release of liability for each and everything that you're going to do let's say you're going to disconnect a washer-dryer from the gas and water lines basically then you're gonna say hey look we'll do it we have no problem we can do it but you gotta sign this because this will indemnify you this will protect you and your but if something were to happen let's say for some reason you just don't know what's behind that water line you disconnect the water line and you broke the pipe now the others is massive leak and now it's flooding behind the walls and eventually it creases big problems and mold grows up well then this release of liability forms will prevent your customer coming after you and suing you or if you're disconnecting a gas line from a washer and dryer from a washer or rather dryer or even a dishwasher or what-have-you that way if you keep the the you kink the the gas line and it causes a leak and next thing you know boo you know the house blows up this will prevent you here's my particular take code I think the risk is far too risky for us as movers to move or disconnected to gas electric water lines drive on their lawn or anything like that or do anything like that because if something does go wrong yes we've got them to sign a waiver yes we got them to sign the release of liability form that protects us so that they can't come back and sue us and there they assume all risk and liabilities and cost awesome but here's the thing if you do damage it and you decide to sign it and you say well that's not on us we told you this might happen it's not gonna make your customer happy right it's not going to make your customer matter of fact they're going to get pissed off they're gonna want you to cover it you broke it you cover it well you said well how'd you sign it well yeah you but you broke it you know me so quite honestly yes you could give your customer a short term short term happiness if you will from disconnecting these lines but the thing is is you are not insured for that kind of thing so you can't if you don't have these waivers and you don't get assigned and you do disconnect these lines you're gonna be in a world of hurt I mean not only could you get sued and lose your company but you you're you're gonna you're just getting it wiped out right so don't my personal says don't do it don't disconnect in a gas-electric water lines don't distant take anything off the walls if it's screwed on into the walls do not drive on a customer's lon no matter what no matter if they ask you or beg you just don't do these things that you know that are going to be risky but if you are going to do them get them to sign the waiver but realize that just because you got them to sign the waiver doesn't mean you're not going to have repercussions later on you know yes you made your customer happy you did what their thing but if something goes wrong even though they signed the waiver they're still going to be upset with you right they're going to be pissed off at you so you can't you can't you can't be doing that you just cannot be doing it so you you're not there's no upside to.

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