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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Who Form 8815 Reform

Instructions and Help about Who Form 8815 Reform

From the KPFK Studios in Southern California it's the Ralph Nader Radio Hour Music welcome to the Ralph Nader radio hour my name is Steve's Grove and along with my co-host David Feldman welcome back David just when the rat infestation couldn't get worse I'm back and we have also of course the man of the hour Ralph Nader hello Ralph hi an unusual show yeah exactly we're gonna have a little bit of a different show today we're gonna turn the tables on Ralph usually he is interviewing guests about the books they have written today David and I are gonna interview Ralph about the new book that he is written now regular listeners know that Ralph's mantra has been the Congress to Congress to Congress the Congress is the key to turning the country around well Ralph's new book is entitled how the rats reformed Congress and it's a fable this is not Ralph's first foray into the fabulous many of you are familiar with another work of fiction Ralph penned entitled only the super-rich can save us this is along those same lines so we'll be digging into that and what inspired him to return to this mode of getting his messes across after that we will devote the latter part of the show to listener questions and it's not a show if we don't also check in with our corporate crime reporter Russell Moe khyber by the way on a side note last week's corporate crime report ventured into the surreal at south when Russell told us how Kentucky Fried Chicken was holding a contest for parents who named the child Harland after KFC founder Colonel Harland Sanders and if they win they are eligible to receive $11,000 toward their child's college education and only one child will be selected leaving all the other children stuck with the KFC branded names for life and how the child's identity including name pictures voice likeness and biographical information will be owned by KFC for advertising purposes well yeah this is like the apocalypse gross gross it could get worse they could start paying people to put tattoos on with the brand name of the corporation the logo yeah well I was just telling my two kids about how I rageous this was my daughter Kleenex and my son preparation age but anyway by the way these days $11,000 would buy you about two months of college I'd like to interview the corporate lawyer who thought this up or yeah put it on paper well that's anyway a long way of saying you don't want to miss Russell's corporate crime report but first let's get to our first guest David and it's purely a coincidence that we're transitioning from Kentucky Fried Chicken to rats Laughter ralph nader's new book is a fable about rats that invade Congress and astonishingly trigger a people's political revolt it starts when a congressional reporter breaks a strange and shocking story that rats have invaded the toilet bowls of both the Speaker of the House and the Minority Leader the mighty rat invasion sparked a national news frenzy activists seized on the burgeoning story to organize for a populist agenda spontaneous rallies break out everywhere the activists see the rats appending businesses usual routines on Capitol Hill as a powerful symbol against the lobbyists and their corporate Congress the Civic energy builds as millions of people begin flooding into Washington in a move to take back Congress from Wall Street congressional offices back home are overwhelmed with wave after wave of citizen rallies and meetings members are being challenged in primaries some incumbents joined the movement Wall Street and its lobbyists warned about economic collapse and mass layoffs if the citizenry's agenda passes Congress corporate front groups are created to disrupt the peaceful crowds but the corporate lobbyists and think tanks can't overcome the organized will of the determined people there is much realism serendipity and galvanizing motivation throughout this engrossing fable welcome to the Ralph nee Radio Hour Ralph Nader well here we go now people might like to know who I dedicated this book to and it was dedicated to the spirit of Voltaire and Mark Twain and specifically to Molly Ivins Dick Gregory Jim Hightower and Victor Navasky who taught us how to laugh ourselves seriously and that really summarizes the sequence of the book if we can't do it by indignation if we can't do it by exhortation maybe we can do it by laughing as the rats lead the way so Ralph I think you just answer what my first question was going to be it was what inspired you to write a fable instead of nonfiction but let me move to my next question which is what in your mind do the rats represent in this fable they represent the traditional rodent quest for food and water they're not answer from horrifies they're not like Mickey Mouse they just find a pipe and they go up there looking for water and food and there are a lot of crumbs of food from parties and cleaning team eating after hours and they find the food but it first starts with an intrepid rap which has no name that goes up to the toilet bowl of the speaker just as he's sitting down to do his business and the first few pages are quite jolting some readers who couldn't get past the first few pages when it was in Galilee form called it disgusting and upsetting and I said well you're describing the behavior of Congress and so the rats then of course follow each other ten rats signal to other rats and is a rat infestation and the House of Representatives and then in the Senate and then there's an overreaction by the members the leaders they don't want this to get out but they can't even control the rats much less the Wall Street lobbyists and one.

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