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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Who Form 8815 Reform

Instructions and Help about Who Form 8815 Reform

From the KPFK Studios in Southern California, it's the Ralph Nader Radio Hour. Music welcome to the Ralph Nader radio hour. My name is Steve's Grove and along with my co-host David Feldman, welcome back David. - Just when the rat infestation couldn't get worse, I'm back. - We have also, of course, the man of the hour, Ralph Nader. - Hello Ralph, hi. - An unusual show, yeah exactly. - We're gonna have a little bit of a different show today. - We're gonna turn the tables on Ralph. - Usually, he is interviewing guests about the books they have written. - Today, David and I are gonna interview Ralph about the new book that he has written. - Now, regular listeners know that Ralph's mantra has been the Congress to Congress to Congress. - The Congress is the key to turning the country around. - Well, Ralph's new book is entitled "How the Rats Reformed Congress" and it's a fable. - This is not Ralph's first foray into the fabulous. - Many of you are familiar with another work of fiction Ralph penned entitled "Only the Super-Rich Can Save Us". - This is along those same lines. - So, we'll be digging into that and what inspired him to return to this mode of getting his messes across. - After that, we will devote the latter part of the show to listener questions. - And it's not a show if we don't also check in with our corporate crime reporter, Russell Moe khyber. - By the way, on a side note, last week's corporate crime report ventured into the surreal at south. - When Russell told us how Kentucky Fried Chicken was holding a contest for parents who named their child Harland. - After KFC founder Colonel Harland...