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Checking in with some domestic news now starting with disturbing news which should concern anyone who believes in the First Amendment a lawsuit brought by First Amendment groups against the Justice Department has revealed the government's regulations for targeting journalists with surveillance documents now reveal the DOJ has rules which allow for the government to spy on journalists through the highly secretive Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act or FISA Court a 2022 memo signed by Obama era Attorney General Eric Holder to the FBI outlines quote procedures for processing FISA applications targeting known medium entities or known members of the media the news has special implications for this network as Drexel University professor Hana block shweta told the intercept that quote a probable example would be surveillance of reporters who are working for somewhere like RT and as a consequence anyone who is talking to reporters for RT with press freedom in question we're joined now by former UK MP George Galloway for his take all right George this is the first time we've been able to confirm that the US government actually spies on American journalists and foreign journalists using the FISA Court what's your reaction to this news well you're quite lucky actually that you've still got journalists worth spying on the journalists in Britain are working in concert with the building behind me and the building's that stretch out across Whitehall and the secret deep state of Britain and there's no need to spy on them at all there's an old adage thank God you cannot bribe or twist the average British journalist but when you see what unbridle do you see that there's no reason to so take about American journalists the state still thinks it's worth spying on you and clearly they have been doing and doing so without democratic oversight or even proper judicial oversight and you're lucky on a second level anja the American people have a constitution we do not they have a Bill of Rights effectively we do not you have a first amendment we have nothing to amend we have no Constitution we trusted in the past on the British constitution being custom and practice and it was custom and practice that certain people should not be bugged like members of parliament but I was a member of parliament for almost thirty years and I was being bugged so you know a lot of the time these protections that we think we have are just lipstick on the pig and many in the mainstream US media have been complaining ad nauseam about Trump's so-called war on the Free Press because he's called outlets like CNN for example fake news they've been generally hostile to him as well however although the Obama Justice Department signed this memo now Trump's administration also enjoys these powers so what does that say about the way our governments view the press that when all said and done for all the finesse of one and the vulgarity of another the deep state continues whoever is in the White House the achingly liberal Barack Obama nice suit Barak but in fact he was the man who signed these documents or his administration did Donald Trump is faced with a different problem because the mass media in America is determined to destroy Donald Trump not for all the bad things about them of which they there are multiple examples but because he might just might be counter to the prevailing orthodoxy in the state on foreign policy and on other things so the fidelity of the US media and the vast majority of American journalists to the American deep state is a continuous thing as the French say Plus Assange blew some em shows everything changes but everything remains the same we don't have much time left George but we know that officials here in Washington work very closely with officials where you are in London on many fronts but especially when it comes to surveillance our UK journalists protected from this kind of spying not at all not even members of parliament elected by the people to govern amongst other things these security services are exempt from as I say I was spied upon by the British State it now transpires for almost all of the 30 years I was a member so if the members of parliament are not exempt certainly the journalists are not thankfully for the British state most of them don't need to be policed well leave it there for now but look forward to speaking with you regularly on this show in question gratulations Anya thanks a lot George we'll talk to you soon hey YouTube thanks for checking out our channel we hope you enjoyed the video we have tons of content for you just like this for more of RT America's one-of-a-kind news and analysis be sure to subscribe to never stop questioning more.

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