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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Who Form 8815 Taxable

Instructions and Help about Who Form 8815 Taxable

It's been said that in life only two things are guaranteed death and taxes my guest today has some issues with one of those I'm joined by Twila Manders the leader of the Libertarian Party of the Netherlands thanks very much for talking to us now for our viewers that might not be completely ofay with libertarianism what is it that you stand for it's a political philosophy that wants to maximize individual liberty and minimize government we believe in self ownership we believe that every individual owns his own life his own body the fruits of his own labor and that these are fundamental human rights that nobody should violate including the government so if libertarianism is trying to pay as little tax as possible do you not find yourself in a situation where when you get what you pay for well there's many reasons why we're opposed to taxation the first reason is a moral reason we believe taxation is immoral we believe that every individual has a right to his own life and therefore a rights to the fruits of his labor a right to his property and that it is morally wrong to take somebody's property against their will and that is what taxation is taxation is illegalized the form of robbery what changes would libertarianism bring to Europe well first of all we'd have a lot more freedom yeah it would mean that people would now control their own lives they could draw their own destinies they could decide for themselves whether it is they want to do with the fruits of their own labor their longer have a government that's taking half of what they earn what what do you get what do we get a return we get streets we get we get highways filled with traffic jams we get hospitals with waiting lines we get schools that are very expensive but the quality of these schools is not all that great we get a an army of bureaucrats whose job is to make new rules and they keep making new rules all the time what are the main problems facing Europe right now the problem is caused because of our financial system because the government has created the monopolies government ah Polly of money creation there was a time money was gold and when money was gold and got money was gold coins there was no inflation there was deflation effect one one coin of gold could buy you more and more overtime because there were the the production levels were rising much faster than the amount of gold in the world and that in those days there were no depressions there were no big recessions that started when money started changing when people took their goal to the bank and received in return a bank note or his sir or received in return an account with a credit in the account and that started happening banks became influenced and since that they they receive an incentive to start handing out loans to people that weren't actually covered by a gold they just created money out of thin air and that's what caused inflation and then some banks started to go bankrupt there were bank runs when people found out that their bank had created so much money out of thin air that their gold backing was so low that it became a risk to put your money to keep your money in that Bank and what that happened banks are lobbying with the government to create a central bank and the purpose of the central bank was to make rules that all the banks not had to follow as to how much they could inflate how much money they could print out of thin air so that was so that all the banks would inflate together at the same rate so that the risk of bank runs would now disappear and that's what's happened and as a result inflation has become rampant if you look at the value of our currency today and compare it to the value of our currency 100 years ago about 99 percent of the value of the currency has disappeared and that's because of inflation and that's that's because the government has allowed banks to create money out of thin air it's it's a government issue privilege to the banks and the banks are happy to take advantage of it and of course government is monopolizing creation of money now only the central bank has a right to create money and central banks do what is called quantitative easing which is a very nice word what it really means is is is creating money out of thin air you know you could actually call it counterfeit money because what is counterfeit money it's money that isn't backed by anything that's just a worthless piece of paper but that's what the government is doing to us and we all understand that counterfeiting is a bad thing why is it a bad thing because the counterfeiter gets something for nothing and all the people who have saved money lose outs when counterfeiting is allowed to occur and a lot of people start counterfeiting what it means is all the people that have saved their money are now losing and the counterfeiters are getting something for nothing and it's very distorted because people now receive an incentive to become kind of fritters themselves rather than productive work but that's exactly what the government does with central banking government has now a monopoly in counterfeiting they have their rights to create money out of thin air just worthless pieces of paper and as a result all the people save money are watching their savings disappear there are savings become worth less and less and and the government is getting something for nothing and it's very distorted because now a lot of people stopped doing productive work they start working.

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