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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Who Form 8815 Text

Instructions and Help about Who Form 8815 Text

And what's up mr. after effects for another exciting tutorial and after effects today we want to be making an intro very basic but it's pretty pretty cool to make there's a lot of stuff going on this tour doses just make sure you listen close and follow along and you'll do fine anyway here's what we make it's pretty cool and okay what you will need you we need trapcode shine which I put in the you have to go to red giant software com or red giant whatever get the shine plug-in and when you get the shine plugin i got the serial key posted in the description box so first of all you're going to want to make a new composition make sure it's 1080 x 720 30 frames per second you can make 15 seconds long is how long we make it and we're going to go ahead and go to layer new solid we make our solid layer want to make sure the Slayer is black okay okay and you want to type in and effects and presets if you don't see it you go to window you can put in effects and presets lens flare drag on lens flare go ahead and put flare as 105 millimeter Prime and it's already preset it all right don't you'll need a blend with original or nothing else then you want to make a new layer make it a solid make sure it's why it's easier to be view okay after you make your new solid you're going to want to take the lips tool go ahead and just make a circle that's thin this there we go now when I apply the trap coat shine shine and we'll take the bus line put it to two the ray length is 4 that's okay willing to take the tool can put it in the middle right here and we're going to go ahead and colorize it and make sure it's electric it can be any color you want you can color correction this so we're going to pre compose this we want to go to just the white solid which is shine layer recompose move all attributes we can go ahead and name this line after we need this line we could want to drop down transform opacity you know in position or whatever and go ahead and turn this up like this stretch it out go ahead put this in the middle and we'll move to like two right here like two seconds I want to go ahead and take the lens flare go all the way back to the beginning just like last time transform turn on the opacity three percent go right here this one well go ahead and turn back and flair Center click on this make sure the flower center is right here and then go to two seconds and flower center right here now what we're going to do well this makes a sliding effect we are going to go ahead and create our see are disappearing so we're just going to click stop watching opacity and just like this one stopwatch on opacity want to move to the half second mark or the one second work go ahead and turn the opacity all the way down and then we'll go ahead and throw my password all the way down on this one too we're what we're going to do is we want to take this cut the video short right here and we'll go ahead and file export export as a quicktime movie now after you're done exporting it we're going to make a new project no don't save composition new composition same as last time do everything like I did last time layer new solid black ok lens flare 105 millimeter prime go ahead and put that in the middle this time and will go to layer new solid make it white again ok and we'll go ahead and put on the check trapcode shine while with the layer selected actually now we want to do the lips pool first cut long circle and the movers shine boost like to well whatever i'm just going to go ahead and put it and we'll colorize it make sure it's electric and the source point we'll put in the middle again and now what we're going to do is we want to go ahead and pre compose this by selecting it we're free composing wine move all attributes I'm going to go ahead and rotate this see rotation and we're going to stretch it out from the middle with smaller go ahead go to set the opacity you'll need position I put this 22 here set another thing for opacity and we're going to go ahead and go down and do the same thing for the lens flare set the opacity right here point for opacity and halfway through want to go ahead and turn this down zero and we're going to go up and turn the opacity on this down to zero now right here we're going to make the low lens move so if you want the lens to move you're going to go ahead select the black solid flare center here and then we're going to go right here and just kind of move the center perfect after we do that we're going to go ahead and export this and we can go ahead and make this a QuickTime movie again to save it wherever you feel like it needs to be saved we'll make a new project again last new project okay now I'm gonna have to cut this video short for a part 2 just hold tight.

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