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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Who Form 8815 Topic

Instructions and Help about Who Form 8815 Topic

Chances are that if you're working on an assignment for a class your ultimate vision of success probably includes getting a good grade well to think about that good grade is a destination and that there are many paths that will get you to that destination this means there are many things you could do to potentially get you that good grade the choices you make about how you will complete your assignment are the steps that you take along these potential paths of course it can be hard to see all of your options from the beginning how do you decide which path to take choosing your route begins by having some idea of the general topics you want to consider and then exploring your options let's think of an example meet Bob Bob is working on a paper on contagious diseases during class Bob's teacher mentioned avian flu is a potential topic so Bob went with that he figured it didn't really matter what he chose and thought that once he chose avian flu he was finished forming his topic but his Bob started to do his research he got stuck he realized he didn't know much about avian flu and it really wasn't interested in learning more bob has now decided to reconsider his options he pulls out his assignment and looks at the parameters he then makes it a list of the diseases that fit those parameters Bob then goes on to think of anything he already knows about the diseases on his list this helps him establish his knowledge base one malaria stands out to him because he remembers his friend contracted malaria during a trip to Africa to think about what he already knows about malaria and what he doesn't know about malaria this helps him identify some of the gaps in his knowledge now bob has identified some potential directions for his paper and has a better idea of what kind of information he needs to move forward picking a topic effectively involves exploration and consideration of different options like exploring different paths toward an ultimate goal Bob found that by considering different options he was able to avoid the dead ends brought on by not having enough information or not being interested in his topic he was able to choose a path that will be interesting and productive for him and to identify questions that will lead him forward in his research as Bob's example shows good topics connect to the parameters of your assignment are interesting to you and spark questions that you would want to answer initial topic formation should involve exploring and considering potential ideas as well as recognizing gaps in information as a way to move forward this exploration and choice of paths will continue throughout your research and writing process yay.

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