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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Who Form 8815 Widower

Instructions and Help about Who Form 8815 Widower

Hi it's Wednesday that means it's time for another video edition of widower Wednesday I'm able kiyo author of dating a widower and today we're gonna discuss what a widow were means when he says certain things so we're gonna take certain phrases or things that a widower might say to a woman he's dating or woman he's married to and we're gonna kind of interpret it where I'm gonna interpret him for you I'll tell you what he's really saying a lot of them are clear-cut a few aren't a few aren't so clear cut but we're gonna just kind of talk about if a widower says certain things you kind of get an idea of what he really means and what he's saying now the idea for this this video came from a post in my gating to Whittemore facebook group by the way go to Facebook search for dating and widowers want to join but someone posted something that their widowers said I was trying to interpret it try and sable what does he mean when what he says this I thought that'd be a good post for video and so what I did is I went on to the group and I posted and asked the women on the group I said well what are some things that your widower says that confuse you or you want to know what they mean and so I've got tons of responses here gonna do a couple of videos often so but anyway without further ado we're gonna go over a lot of the responses that people want to know what weather we're headed by the white great response is great great great quotes from our great sayings I guess from widowers that need to be interpreted here so kudos to all of you out there who contributed I'd much appreciate it and I hope this could be helpful for any of those out there that are in relationships with widowers as well alright so we're gonna start off with some basic ones this is the one by the way I get the most questions on so what does it widowed or mean when he says I love you I know that meit's kind of saying well it means he loves you right well maybe it means he loves you really only again one of the widowed were psychology things I try to teach over and over again is that men express their feelings through actions okay so widowers a lot of them have a hole in their hearts that they're trying to fill and they will say anything to you right I want the companionship they want a relationship begin to you know they're hungry for that so they'll say they love you even if they don't really love you and sadly I have done that for those of you who have read room for two you understand that context but so if a little word says he loves you he only loves you if his actions are bad camp is worried so if he says he loved you and he's making you number one he's whatever introducing you to friends and family he's making you he's doing his best he's not perfect okay we don't we're not what I expected perfection here but if he's doing these bastard you feel he's doing his best that his actions are showing that he loved you then it means he loves you if his actions are not backing that up then he's just using it as a way to keep you on it'll say he loves you and not true so you know if you feel like you're a third wheel to a ghost right that the late wife is number one he's Heidi from friends and family if you feel like you're doing all the heavy lifting in the relationship even if he says he loves you he doesn't really mean he loves you so just remember when it comes to I love you it's not the words that are important it's the widowers actions and that's the way you can tell whether I'm he's serious about saying I love you or not so kind of the opposite of that this is probably the second most question I get when it comes to interpreting what a widower says was when he hasn't said I love you yet so he can either maybe he says I like you or he's just he's not really a a committing it could you know he's again you know he's not saying the words I love you so initially my response is gonna be it's probably going back to his actions you know what his actions say to his actions say that he loves you or not again a lot of guys they aren't good at sharing their feelings they just aren't you know and maybe it's the way they were brought up maybe a lot of it has to do with the relationship with the late wife and how they handled things with her and so maybe the late wife didn't expect it so he doesn't how to do it there could be lots of reasons so it's not necessarily a red flag if he doesn't say it it's more of a red flag if he's not saying it an't is he's done you know showing you through actions that he that he loves you so now I will say that most men eventually say it again you know if you're whatever maybe two months into a relationship and you left him and maybe it's a little - maybe he's still kind of struggling with separating his feelings for you and the feelings he has for the late wife you know so kind of maybe also consider how long it's how long it's been since you guys been dating now if it's been a long time we're talking maybe nine months a.

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