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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Who Form 8815 Widower

Instructions and Help about Who Form 8815 Widower

Hi it's Wednesday that means it's time for another video edition of widower Wednesday I'm able kiyo author of dating a widower and today we're gonna discuss what a widow were means when he says certain things so we're gonna take certain phrases or things that a widower might say to a woman he's dating or woman he's married to and we're gonna kind of interpret it where I'm gonna interpret him for you I'll tell you what he's really saying a lot of them are clear-cut a few aren't a few aren't so clear cut but we're gonna just kind of talk about if a widower says certain things you kind of get an idea of what he really means and what he's saying now the idea for this this video came from a post in my gating to Whittemore facebook group by the way go to Facebook search for dating and widowers want to join but someone posted something that their widowers said I was trying to interpret it try and sable what does he mean when what he says this I thought that'd be a good post for video and so what I did is I went on to the group and I posted and asked the women on the group I said well what are some things that your widower says that confuse you or you want to know what they mean and so I've got tons of responses here gonna do a couple of videos often so but anyway without further ado we're gonna go over a lot of the responses that people want to know what weather we're headed by the white great response is great great great quotes from our great sayings I guess from widowers that need to be interpreted here so...