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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Why Form 8815 Attended

Instructions and Help about Why Form 8815 Attended

People think perhaps that they want to sleep with us if they are dressed like this and this that's not true this is no ordinary classroom the students here are Muslim migrants seeking asylum in Norway they're being taught how to respect women of course they can have got some wrong signals maybe the better for the woman if you not become equal females in miniskirts are only females in miniskirts and not something else across Europe migrants have been linked to a string of shocking sexual assaults that have been seized on by right-wing groups we house them we feed them and they like an attack on women and fears of Muslim migrants were exploited during the EU referendum campaign don't be surprised if seems that we saw in Cologne don't happen more often in the Norwegian city of Stavanger three-quarters of the men convicted of rape over a three-year period were immigrants classes on Norwegian culture and now compulsory for all asylum seekers if they don't go their benefits are cut they're being housed in sleepy towns like Moy Western Norway population 2022 which is where I've come to see if Western values can really be taught in a classroom it's just before Norwegian Constitution day grow Helland is singing the national anthem to her students you are hell no in no way this is reality here in our values in our families in our marriage why do I stay with my husband because he is controlling me do you think that we have some different between these girls because it's not easy if you are used with another culture another way of dread no Sarah I'm liberated gone looser Massillon lives a year short of Gaza commander - chief inspector Jim Campbell Zulu Lamar Allen Hodja babe come on ma in name Tasmania germanium kulfi yeah a little bit never don't hit me me alum fission welcome the students have been learning about the Norwegian way of life for weeks crow wants to know if it's having an impact have you changed as an while also Simon would be fantastic wrong and we are just starting we have time we need the time it's not just one hour to discuss everything okay is there a culture clash when people first arrived in Norway when they see people dressing differently yeah we have had men here in the beginning just staring at us yeah we have until they find it hard to accept sex in marriage if you're ladies I know you have to accept it when we are married yeah that sounds very staged to them would you say that it happens often that men from very separated conservative societies that you've seen can get the wrong idea can get the wrong signals we had one example men from us felt that t he wanted to be close to a new Asian lady women but she hit him yeah and he was a joke so of course they can have got some wrong signals you don't feel that the men feel stigmatized because they're having to be taught how to respect women you're they can feel that hmm but they need it they need it even if they feel stigmatized yeah okay listen okay yeah that's good look after the class Aladin and his wife Nasreen invite me to their home they're Syrian he's a teacher and she's a surgeon what do you think of Moy it's like a mental hospital he can slide in mental hospital they don't understand our culture we have no children and this land give me the the freedom to take for woman but what and you're not wearing a hijab you're not cover we don't care we don't care they'll lose a hundred kronor about ten pounds every 15 days if they don't attend the class Swann our it's finished and we just throw our name and we go out why do you think the Norwegian government wants you to do this class to learn the inequality is fear different we know these things allow any Amazonian haka Islam I'm zoning of a computer games we know the the right of menarche and there's the love and respect for between man and his wife they don't think what's there is culture in all they don't think there is all bazaars good civilization in Syria and it is the different religion many religions they don't know just they take headlines from the news they use hijab and still Allah Akbar and that's all why they think I've arranged to meet up with a few of the men who are at the class today and they're all being housed together in one of these residential houses in Moore that's how they do things in more they don't put the asylum seekers together in a center but give them a house to live in so that they're part of the community hello where is number 12 thank you yeah thank you Salah mother hammer want and Mohammad all took the dangerous journey over land and sea from different parts of Syria to be here mother used to be a lawyer Salah was an engineer must learn the culture here in France in British have a Muslim man's they are fighting government because they don't respect the culture is there anything that you've learnt in those classes to do with values that you disagree with that you think I'm hearing it but I don't believe in maybe some job as a best if you choose a man for the job and some job is the best for some woman but here he want to make that equal and everything what kind of job maybe in kindergarten old work on the kindergarten is women also here in a way woman cannot fix it houses may be the better for the woman if you not become equal in every Sikh when they were deciding what.

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