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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Why Form 8815 Cashed

Instructions and Help about Why Form 8815 Cashed

I blocked like animals which we tossed in the middle of the desert these children women men think of all the people that part took actually for these people to end up here Music people that are making money off it Music it's horrific you know the one I think of what it is like the ER guinea pigs these refugees are pity pigs Noddy versus our Elvis Elvis monster we're not men the capital city of Jordan there are nearly one and a half million Syrian refugees here and this is the technology we've come for Music what's incredible is that a third of the Jordanian population are non-citizens this is mainly due to the high number of refugees that Jordan takes in the first wave being the Palestinians then came the Iraqis are now the Syrian refugees the Syrian conflict led to an influx of refugees into Jordan putting increased financial pressure on the debt-ridden country but for some the crisis was seen as an opportunity when you are an ATM you're not even giving if you notice anything no car no pen nothing when you went to the supermarkets they just stand into the camera look and it pays in 2022 the UN announced its partnership with British Jordanian iris biometrics company iris guard they began rolling out an iris recognition and payment system that meant refugees could withdraw money and shop with the blink of an eye no longer needing bank cards or registration papers according to the UN this would make transactions quicker and more secure but is this more innovation or exploitation refugees Jordan's two biggest camps Safari and Zurich have two biometric lis register their irises in order to receive aid the UNHCR data protection policy says that they must receive informed consent through a written or oral statement when obtaining personal data from refugees you cannot be in the camps without that registration otherwise you get you have the risk of being thrown back to Syria when we asked refugees at both camps no one we had spoken to had given any type of consent mm Izumo is none of us with alignment ah just move all the years over the fundamental principle that we we go by is informed consent she thought of you know even a tiny of the difference that I'm particle data some refugees even complained of pain I need you to guard for this one so my Gilligan wish many hundreds melon at you fell off I don't you need help Music I am actually a guy for iris guard the deal meant access to millions of refugees a huge market to toilets technology and while it gives the technology to the UN for free iris guard make a cool 1% from every transaction made by its IP system which could explain why bankers Goldman Sachs recently invested an undisclosed sum in iris guard I mean it's probably Graham standing here in another refugee camp with this sign right here behind me because you've got companies like Goldman Sachs making undisclosed deals with iris guard who are in charge of assisting refugees transaction iris guards co-founded by one of Jordans wealthiest families including ex u.s. Ambassador Kareem Cour on their advisory boards you've got none other than X national security advisor to George W Bush Francis Townsend former head of mi6 Richard Dearlove both of whom were advocates of the war in Iraq the fact that the board is run or there's a collaboration with people from the US team that took part in playing the war on Iraq is more than alarming is despicable I had a heated exchange about this with the CEO of iris guard I'm referring to massive instrumental advocates for the war in Iraq who actually really increased helped increase the world global population of refugees and now they're an advisory board of a company that is whether or not making money just off the mark of refugees but there is it is at the end of the day making money from this there's there's a deal with the UNHCR maybe I don't know how much profit was made last year but you can see why it sounds extremely alarming Richard Dearlove is a very experienced man who sorry I just just contagious he's also a man who the anti-war movement and I am asked for to be tried for war crimes we have not communicated for a long time because we must the model I told you we move the model into financial inclusion and that's in 2022 12 the Sir Richard and Fran are not involved in any way with the United Nations with the refugee crisis with the movement of our model with dealing with highly secured technologies we will be idiots if we do not ask people who are professionals in their field aren't there professionals I think about the quality you are asking me about a political question Fran Townsend understands the fact we are not involved in any political statements we are not making any statements do you they are separate because we are a non-political company we are working under stand that but they are political do you understand that yeah but you understand that they understand security or you deny that the US government has long been pushing for biometric registration of refugees a State Department report urges the US government to encourage the UNHCR to mandate biometric identifiers in registration and even earmarks funding for this they were using all of the new energy for control and for information gathering and formation gathering not to feed the poor not to solve their water shortages of the world or the famines is for advancing US policies the UNHCR couldn't really assure us that they are able to protect the data from potentially interested parties we don't have NSA budgets we have we have limited budgets compared to some of the entities that are.

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