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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Why Form 8815 Checklist

Instructions and Help about Why Form 8815 Checklist

What's up guys jeff cavaliere athleanx.com we're talking dead lifts today one of the best exercises you can do if you do it right so we're breaking out the checklist so we can break this down step by step and make sure that you do okay any good deadlift starts with how you prepare your body to do it before you even do the exercise so a couple things that I do there's two considerations here number one you've got to have the feeling that you can actually get to this bar and do this exercise properly so what I do is just a quick little routine to feel nice and loose as I put my feet up against the insides of the plates and I use them to stretch out my adductors in my groin because we know if you're going to be driving your knees out as you should be as you'll see when you press this bar off the ground and pull it off the ground and I say press because that's a key difference to you're going to want to make sure that you have adequate flexibility here through your adductors the next thing I do is I feel as if I want to keep my hamstrings engaged and I also want to have my pelvis in the right position so I really know or were dear to grab the bar and I try to get myself into an anterior pelvic tilt so I'm trying to rotate my pelvis all the way down till it's facing the ground okay all the way down point your junk down to the ground keep your hands on the bar and then keep your head up look straight ahead and just feel the stretch in your hamstrings and the feel the stretch here in all those attachments to your pelvis so that we know we feel like we're in that good position once I do that and just for a couple minutes so I feel nice and loose the next thing I'll do is this pre deadlift sort of movement pattern and that is I stand here I keep my hands on my thighs you're going to see why this is very important in a second and I'll let them slide down until the level of the knees by doing nothing but hip hinging if you just did what I showed you that hip hinge should feel really easy now okay so right down to here no bend in the knees from here once I get to the level of the knees then maintain this low back I just let my hands drop straight down by bending nothing but the knees then I work on going back up and feeling the first few inches of this to be nothing but leg press as I get to the level of the knees and driving through with nothing but the hips so it's hip hinge to the level of the knees drop the knees down push through the knees hip hinge and can finish it all the way here through extension okay just use that movement pattern until you feel as if you've got it down and then you're ready start lifting the bar now we're ready to actually approach the bar and there's something you want to focus on here there's actually two things you want to focus on first of all how far under the bar are your freaking ago and how far apart should your feet be first of all let's deal with the easy one the width of your feet should be the width of your hips now for someone that doesn't have a really wide physique like me that could be pretty narrow you can see mine I'm actually inside the non knurled areas and the bar here for you that could be a little bit wider but it doesn't matter you just want to be hip-width as far as how far under the bar the feet should actually go there's a little cue I like to use here I want to just see my laces on the other side of the bar so you can see right now I can't my laces are actually being covered by the bar if I sneak them out just to the other side here now I've actually set up the right position for this bar which should be about one inch away from my shin because when I go down to the bar my shins will go forward to meet that bar and that is the proper position now a lot of people will try to roll the bar away and then roll it back that's sort of a pre lift ritual well ultimately what they're doing is they're getting that bar back to that position and they're just using a lot of experience that they have and being comfortable with moving the bar to get it there ultimately in the right position if you're new you're just learning this exercise take one of those variables out get set to the bar and don't change anything else get yourself about one inch away get ready to do the two lifts to perform the lift and just go ahead and do it okay now with the feet in the proper placement we've got to get the hands in the proper placement there's two elements we want to cover here it is the type of grip that we're going to use cuz we've probably seen a lot of different grips being used on this exercise as far as well as the width of your hands on the bar when you perform the lift so first of all let's talk about the type you have three different options here when it comes to how you're gripping the bar most commonly you probably see this double overhand grip okay now there's a there's a great advantage to this that we're get into when.

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