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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Why Form 8815 Credits

Instructions and Help about Why Form 8815 Credits

Next on the gospel bill show looks to me like we got some special company coming the dry Gulch the wrong time Alma have you ever heard of the ace of spades no was he a bad guy and you can say that he's a bad guy he robbed his banks and trains stagecoaches Express companies and every time he commits a crime he news behind a little reminder an ace of spades you know actually that buffoon facade really bordered on genius where the real genius came in is my discovery of his identity you're forgetting I'm highly trained in the specialized areas of espionage super agents spy cop stuff Music that must mean that Elmer boys is the ace of spades it's the gospel bill show featuring gospel bill Nicodemus Elmo's horns miss Lana do you just water and the entire tribe I'm is Liana well I am her do you know what today is well sure do Tuesday well it's not just at a Tuesday oh is it the fourth of July no it's a special day that only happens to me once a year I'll merge your birthday how old are you well or never tells the bank oh well how you gonna celebrate well I was gonna have a party but maybe next year well I hear you got a telegram for me oh I sure do Sheriff thank you howdy our shirt looks to me like we got some special company coming to dry Gulch yeah I'm the wrong kind amber have you ever heard of the ace of spades no was he a bad guy oh you can say that he's a bad guy he robbed his banks and trains stagecoaches Express companies and every time he commits a crime he leaves behind a little reminder an ace of spades well I guess I better go warn mr. tuck water and start patrolling the streets see you later miss Lana what is an Isis babe Ace of Spades is the highest card in a deck of playing cards oh you mean like Oh buddy no flashy all of Feller starts to believe in a card everywhere he goes pretty soon he won't be able to play ball Music papers lose weight wow they're all laces completely semen never lose Music let's go to the farm for a visit with one of man's best friends the all horse there are over 60 breeds of horses as you can see they come in many shapes and colors and sizes some horses are great for pulling heavy loads others can run very fast and this guy doesn't get into a hurry about anything horses have feet that give it the ability to walk or run over many kinds of ground its legs are very very strong why the strongest man in all the world doesn't even come close to the strength of a horse this force might even be strong enough to hold up my sister jing-mei but kids love a certain kind of horse he's called a pony but not all horses are for kids horses have been used by man for thousands of years without the man would never have been able to do all the things he has done horses have been used to pull chariots wagons and even piles after all this hard work horses can really build up an appetite hey bud come on over here's a Golden Delicious apple just for you what do you mean you don't want it oh I get it I don't blame you you don't want to eat this Apple because Jeanne touched it horses eat grass hay oats and Pizza Pizza horses don't eat pizza who wrote this script I did genie horses don't eat pizza horse that wasn't a horse it was a goat the horses are intelligent animals and they love to play they can even be taught to do friction but they hold a special place in man's heart because they're hard workers they know how to do a job well so take a tip from the horse be a hard worker but don't eat hay this ball will turn your deep yellow Music him I mean he's done everything hey miss Lana new dress oh yeah it is true that oh thank you Nick nicodemus guess what what today is Elmer Barnes birthday no you don't mean it why you just had a birthday not more of your so go Disney Oh Nicodemus well anyway I thought we get together and give him a surprise birthday party you mean like a surprise birthday party yeah that'd be great miss thing we can get him a great big old cake and and punch and we can have party favors and Hanson and things that you blow on and put banners up all over town and invite all of Dripping Springs County and Drago's can have a big old parade nicodemus uh are you gonna pay for all this well maybe we'll you just ought to have something with meaning and gospel bill don't worry about Nicodemus I'll furnish all the party fixings if you get the present it's a present okay let me see what can I get him I got it how about a brand-new fishing pole while he's had that same old pole ever since he started on this show no I think we ought to gain something more practical like like maybe a shirt well I bet that shirt he's wearing could stand up in the corner by itself you reckon he's ever washed that shirt this is a shirt okay what size shirt do we need they're nice too you know he's he's been so so big and and so long and and then he's got that little uh and oh it's really a it's a great big in what size shirt is it well don't worry about Nicodemus here take this tape measure and measuring.

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