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Music hey guys welcome to the first video of my web development for absolute beginners series this entire series is meant for anyone wanting to learn basic web design and web development and there's absolutely no prerequisites I'm teaching this course as if I'm talking to someone that's never written a line of HTML before so don't worry about having any kind of prior web development knowledge this will be an ongoing course or ongoing series and each video will focus on a different topic so in this particular video we're going to be focusing on HTML only then we'll move on to CSS and possibly some JavaScript I also want to show you how to upload a website to the Internet alright so just a couple things before we begin so I want to stress that this this course and this this video the series is for beginners okay if you've been a subscriber for a while I can almost guarantee that you're going to know everything in this video and in this year well maybe not in the series but in this video at least you know if you've been building websites and you're going to know the basics I'm doing a series like this because I don't really feel like I have a place to start on my channel for absolute beginners people that that really don't know anything about web development so hopefully my my advanced programmers that are that have subscribed to me can understand that and just know that you know this isn't going to be an ongoing thing for you know for the next 20 videos it's just this series all right also there's going to be little to no CSS in this particular video that's going to be covered most likely in the next video and just to warn you HTML without CSS is very very ugly we're not focusing on the style at all here we're focusing on HTML syntax all right so we will be sticking to html5 I don't want to confuse anybody by you know throwing in standards from HTML 4 or XHTML or any other derivative anything like that so we're going to stick to HTML 5 only so we will be working with examples we'll be building a cheat sheet but we're also going to take a look at some slides along the way all right now you're not going to learn HTML or anything for that matter in five or 10 minutes I've actually seen videos called you know learn HTML in five minutes and and that's just absolute if you're going to be a web developer you have to be patient and you have to you have to really enjoy learning because you're going to be learning even when you land a good job you're going to be learning every single day so try and be patient try to follow along I know people can get a little aggravated with videos that are over like you know 25 minutes but you know if you if you're that impatient where you can't watch an hour-long course then you're probably in the wrong profession and I don't mean to sound harsh or anything but I don't want to scare anybody down the wrong path and I really do mean that wholeheartedly alright so enough with the preference let's go ahead and get started so what is HTML it stands for hypertext markup language and a lot of people just starting out don't realize that HTML is not a programming language at any level it's a markup language for creating web pages and documents ok HTML documents one of the key elements of a programming language is logic so you can have things like conditionals where you can say if this is true then do this HTML however doesn't have any of that hTML is used to just display in format elements of a web page that may be a text paragraph or a heading a bullet list or an image or many other things it's strictly presentational just try to remember that there's no logic there's no actual programming so an example of a programming language would be JavaScript or PHP or c-sharp these are intricate languages and they're responsible for things like connecting to a database you know for like an online store or something like that user login dynamic functionality things like that now with that said that doesn't make any programming language more important than HTML in fact if you're getting into web development HTML in at least in my opinion is much more important because hTML is the building block of the web every single site that you see outputs HTML to the browser no matter what kind of advanced programming it uses on the back end all right you can build a website using just HTML and CSS CSS of course as a styling language and we'll get into that in another video but you can have just an HTML site without any any JavaScript or any PHP or anything like that it will be purely presentational you can't have like an online store or anything with just HTML but you can have a basic business website with you know information about the company and so on now it is hotter these days to get a job with just HTML and CSS knowledge but you can do it there are still companies that are that are you know purchasing websites that are strictly presentational all right so I don't want to spend too much time on this stuff so let's move on to what we actually need to get started so to get started building websites you only really need two things you need a browser to view the HTML and you need a text editor to write the HTML now don't worry about what kind of computer you have if you're on Windows Mac or Linux it doesn't matter.

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