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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Why Form 8815 Email

Instructions and Help about Why Form 8815 Email

Hey, you guys! This is Nikki with a fashion edit com. Thank you so much for tuning in. We are about to put together our pleated bottom for the jacket dress. So long, okay? And what I'm basically going to do is show you a really quick way (no math is necessary) to put this whole thing together, baby. Alright, so what we're going to do is take the back of our bodice, our completed bodice, and we are going to take our tape measure and measure the back panel, the completed back panel of our bodice. What this is going to do is give us the measurement from seam to seam for the back panel for the skirt bottom. And we will compile our pleats based off of this measurement. Okay, so just from seam to seam, just going to run this whole thing to the back. I'm seeing the same, and I am right at 18 inches, okay? So, the back panel of my jacket is going to be 18 inches in width, and my pleats, they're going to be equal distance across this 18 inches. I'll show you how to do that, thank you. Alright, guys, we are taking the two scraps that we cut earlier, the remaining fabric that we couldn't have. We're taking that, so half of this is going to be drilled down to the 18 inches, and the other half, I'm going to just set aside for now. It's going to become my five channels. Okay, just to start off, I'm going to start off with the ends of my fabric, and those will now be my five teams. And the trick to my good old trusty pleats is for each, you're going to need a ruler. It can be a big ruler,...