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Instructions and Help about Why Form 8815 Email

Hey you guys this is Nikki with a fashion edit com thank you so much for tuning in we are about to put together our pleated bottom for the jacket dress so long okay and what I'm basically going to do is to show you a really quick way no math is necessary to put this whole thing together baby all right so what we're going to do is take the back of our bodice our completed bodice and we are going to take our tape measure and measure the back panel the completed back panel of our bodice and what this is going to do is this is going to give us the the measurement from seam to seam for the back panel for the skirt bottom and we will compile our pleats based off of this measurement okay so just from seam to seam just going to run this whole thing to the back I'm seeing the same and I am right at 18 inches ok so my the back panel of my jacket is going to be 18 inches in width and my pleats I'm going they're going to be equal distance across this 18 inches I'll show you how to do that thank you alright guys we are taking the two scraps that we cut earlier the remaining fabric that we couldn't have we're taking that so half of this is going to be drilled down to the 18 inches and the other half I'm going to just set aside for now it's going to become my five channels okay so just to start off I'm going to start off with the ends of my fabric and those will now be my five teams and the trick to my good old trusty pleats is for each you're going to need a roller it can be a big ruler can be your measuring tape just have something to measure with and you will want to pin every two inches down so from the base or from the edge you're going to pin in half of an inch and this is just going to mark off your side seams and then from there they're on I want you to measure off every two inches you can start two inches from the edge so half an inch in from the edge and then two inches in from the edge should look like this okay and then from that second inch I'm going to go in another two inches to the right and I just end up doing this until I run out of pins or gets us to a good stopping point so just put in about six or seven pins and then we will start forming the pleats like I said this is no math necessary we just needed the measurement the length of our back panel ok so now that I have this row of pins I'm going to skip the very first pin that's at half of an inch from the edge and I'm going to bring you guys a little closer excuse the mess so to form my pleats I'm going to take the second pin hope you guys can see that the first pin is at my edge the second pin is two inches in and I'm going to fold in I'm actually going to fold towards me to the third pin so i bring in the first pin I hold that there and I match up the pins pin to pin ok so its folding towards me and I take out one pin because they're touching and I just attach all of that fabric together ok and then I skip a pin so on to my third pin and I skip it and I bring in that fourth pin towards the second pin and I pin it ok so it looks like this and then I start losing pans at cub anyways um so yeah so it looks like this and this is our first pleat this is the inside of our plate and this is the outside of our bleep flap flap so you just want to pin down the flaps right so this is our fleet right here okay and what we're going to do is continue to pin all the way down until we reach our 18 inches mark and then I'm going to baste ok so I'm going to skip all of this because it's going to take a little bit time but you get the point I'll show you what it looks like afterwards so with each new pleat I'm literally just alternating but making sure that I match up my pin going pin-to-pin so skip up in and then come in and just make sure that you're pinning all of your flaps down because remember you're going to have to baste okay so i have two full plates here like two and a half pleats and i'm at nine inches so i'm just going to keep going until i get to 18 so much halfway there so remember it's two inches down so here's my last pleat it ends here so I'm going to bring my fabric and I'm skipping a pin and bring it in let's get the pin and bring it in since I think a little thing so I just touch up that the two flaps pin that down and I'm matching these two pins here so I take out one pin and just reap in that fabric down on the bottom so again doing same things skip a pin bring the next pin in and just touch it up against but it up against the last flap and pin it down so here these two pins are touching I'm just going to take that out and pin that down keep going so going back to skipping and thing and those not match up perfectly but it's okay it's going to happen another.

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