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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Why Form 8815 Enrolled

Instructions and Help about Why Form 8815 Enrolled

Hello and thanks for joining us for another walkthrough of healthcare.gov I'm Brynn McBride of ABC for help and I'm Ryan Koh and Ryan we did this last year and folks that might remember that walkthrough this is gonna be pretty similar not a lot has changed on healthcare.gov from last year but we're still gonna do a little walkthrough if this is new for some people will point out some of the pop ups that comes some of the examples of cost-sharing reductions and tax credits that people might see as they're applying so you know to look for that and for other people there's no real refresher so we'll go through just the high altitude stuff and then point out a couple of samples as we go open enrollment is actually right now it runs November 1st through December 15th that is your only window to buy health insurance unless something dramatic changes in the future so take this as your one chance to buy insurance for all of 2022 things to have handy if you had insurance last year through the marketplace passwords and login information first and foremost there are password reminders they're gonna ask you a couple questions but try to log in to your account tax returns household income information birth dates and social security numbers of everybody in the home if somebody in the house gets insurance through work have information on that handy you might have to enter it great I'm kind of anxious oh yeah let's start there that's our conversation of getting organized take the time to get organized you're gonna see in front of you when you log in to healthcare.gov two green buttons the one on the right says login to renew or change plans that's if you had coverage in 2022 button on the left says take the first steps to apply for a new user so we're gonna click that to get started we're going to assume we didn't have coverage last year and we're gonna start fresh for 2022 and see what we can find there first gonna ask you to enter your state this is on purpose because some states don't use health care go the federal marketplace they use their own like the state of Minnesota so click that your state is Minnesota for example scroll down we're in Minnesota and you're gonna give and it's gonna say you live in Minnesota then you're gonna want to use that website the mnsure the Minnesota sure website and it takes you right there so it's redirecting you so there's really no wrong door if you say I need insurance I live in Minnesota it's gonna say ok click here and we're gonna get you to where you need to go so we're in Wisconsin so let's scroll down to Wisconsin and you'll see really different pretty different yeah so it's not saying we're gonna send you where you need to go we're gonna create an account for you if you logged in last year you might just this is at the point where you would put in your username and password and you would go to see your old account if you're creating a new account you're gonna put in a username a password you're gonna retype your password and then you're going on sir three security questions they're really going to protect this information because once you get through this point you are answering a lot of income personal health information questions you're identifying social security numbers and some social security information so there's other than social security number so this is a lot of personal health information and stuff you want to keep private they're putting the extra effort on the front end to make it secure so it might seem like a little bit of a hassle but it is taking those extra steps to make sure that this stays private and only you can log-in when prompted with the right password and security answers it's asking us right here are you enrolled in a 20-18 marketplace health plan for the this we're going to hit no no and we're gonna continue now it's gonna start asking you a little bit of that information about who's in your household when we're done answering questions on household then we're gonna start answering some questions on income but we're gonna say its first thing is it just you if you are single adult living with no tax dependents in the home you would say yep it's just me when they are saying you and other people they mean by other people other tax dependents so click you and other people okay and we'll say there's a family living here and it says are you married so they break this down and layman terms which is really nice cuz they really are following your tax return but they're saying like okay are you married is there a spouse in the home so we'll put yes and look at right below the yes/no button that we're looking at it says do you need help answering this question which is great and there are a couple instances of this where you can say like I don't really understand what you mean by married or do you mean culturally married you mean legally married there's gonna be guidance on that when you get to dependents that little you're minors in the home or if there are other terms that you're not exactly under percent sure what they're asking you might see more hover over so that's a nice and handsome int to this website so already say yes married will you claim any dependents on your tax return we're gonna say yes but look at that hover over right after the word federal tax return I mean let's say we have one ok I'd say it's a husband of a two spouses and a child so.

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