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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Why Form 8815 Exclude

Instructions and Help about Why Form 8815 Exclude

Applause what up Brisbane Applause sit sit sit let's do this Brisbane thank you so much for that intro super excited to be here it's been a long week New York to Oslo to Noah to Copenhagen to Moscow to LA now here and I'm thrilled to be here Sydney tonight so doubleheader for me which is exciting first of all I want to thank you guys for taking the time to be here there's a lot of things that I want to cover in our time together and then I also want to really focus on some Q&A at the end but really the couple things that I want to talk about our mindset and tactics I think the things that will really stand out and and I have been following along on social and Instagram and watching all of you tag there's so much context for what I talk about here I want to make sure that I don't go into places that you guys are already used to or you can watch on YouTube I want to talk about things that have been really emerging to me lately and the biggest one is mindset you know to me the thing that has really become fascinating you know the reason there's not a lot of content that I put out between 2022 and 2022 if you go back and look at the Internet is because I needed to go run and build vaynermedia again for myself because after writing crush' and speaking a little bit from 2022 to 2022 I was starting to get into a place where people were talking about me and calling me a speaker or a motivational speaker and or an author which is super fine and an incredible thing to do but for me my pride isn't being a practitioner and being an entrepreneur and being a CEO I needed to build another 100 million dollar plus business really to be frank with you I need to feel comfortable standing here and spitting my two cents on things I think that you need to have an execution other than ideas to have the audacity to stand up here and expect people to waste their time and money listening to what you have to say and so I'm proud that over the last six years I've been executing vaynermedia and while I do this garyvee thing Gary Vaynerchuk the CEO of 150ml our holding company from scratch is exciting and interesting and it really has become obvious to me why that's happening and it's around mindset i I think that there's way too many people in this audience that are in the excuse business iva and yeah and it's an it's tough because I'm empathetic there's always things you know you could have two parents that were drug addicts you could have lost your parents in a car accident when you were a kid you could have had your money stolen to you by a partner there's so many things that happen in life I'm super empathetic to it the ultimate problem is though is that the market the world doesn't care right there there's so much dwelling going on so many reasons why not and the thing that has been really interesting to me is that if you asked me what works for me its optimism and gratitude and positive mindset like it's really interesting to me life is pretty binary it's either black or white it's either yes or no and the one that matters to me the most is you're either on the offense in your life right now or you're on the defense you're either coming up with reasons why not all this technology all this stuff that why not or why yes all this technology all this stuff you're looking at things and you're making a decision and so for me a lot of what I've been thinking about is mindset and why optimism works literally seven minutes ago in the in the green room I'm on the phone with executives at vaynermedia I'm getting texts of a scope that we expected to sign failed million dollars literally counting on a million dollars gone zero not happening right another pitch ruined a final two eight million dollars didn't get it literally in 47 second step back in the backroom I lost nine million dollars and I'll be very frank with you I'm fucking pumped about it I genuinely like losing I like learning from it I was like thinking about like why what happened where we go where it was the misstep why like it's really incredible look when you can afford to lose it and I'm sure people are thinking this it's easier I get it it's not like I lost nine million Vayner lost nine million revenue but to me it's not about anything other than mine and so if I got anything out of this I'll go into the tactics I'll talk to you about social in a minute I'm about to tell you why Facebook and Instagram you know I did a lot of homework on Saturday about the Australian market on my thesis is around influencers Instagram Facebook and snapchat let me save you a lot of time everything that you've been hearing me talk about how many people you are consume my content raise your hands thank you that was awesome I'm just gonna do that again how many people here consume eye contact yeah so here's what's interesting literally everything that I'm spitting comes obviously from an American centric point of view that's where I operate obviously we have a UK office we're looking at Singapore we're doing other things but I'm aware that outside of Russia and mainland China most most of this stuff that actually works maybe there's a couple of different nuances what fascinates the shit out of me is the consumption patterns of the Australian and New.

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