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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Why Form 8815 Grants

Instructions and Help about Why Form 8815 Grants

Hi I'm Suzy and guess who's back it's me and me wants coffin so that's what we're gonna do today we're gonna give him a coffin with a matte gray that's what you want right let's get started okay so I am super impressed with you grant now I'm gonna ask you and see if he's lying or not are you biting I am not biting I see no evidence of that these look amazing I know I'm even pushing back the cuticles a little bit not after the shower look at that but a little bit seriously yeah actually a little bit I usually is just like on the way here like just just before filming so that's what I do it but I don't care what you do it he's doing it grant they look great there's no redness there's no infection there's no swelling they look amazing I'm dressed that's very good so why would you say that maybe that you stopped biting it um well it's just like the constant recognition that there's acrylic there right just it's just like a mind play it's just it's unnatural and and I still do like run my teeth underneath the nails but it's just okay there's no evidence of that unless I don't even know that's good okay so because these look so excellent there's no preparation to do as far as cuticle work or anything like that goes they look fabulous so we've already put the prep step on them that can cause a little bit of dryness because you're sucking all the oils out of the nail this is the primer a very little bit of this I didn't walk you through the prep because it you know it takes a bit and we really want to get to the body of building the coffin this only needs to be the primer applied to the natural nail you don't have to apply this to the acrylic and one dip of the brush not a soaking dip should do the whole hand you don't need to over saturate the nail with this this is a great product on when I'm always judging a new product the primers and the prepping is really very very important and this I put on last time minutes it's adhering beautifully really really happy with it okay so you can keep that hand for a bit I'm just going to work on that one bless your heart attack so whatever you're doing over there while I'm working okay so to build a coffin out from a square we're going to need a form we got to go a little bit longer whenever you're building a coffin square you can go any length and they can always be square but when you're building a coffin you need to have some length to get the coffin shape you can do a short coffin but you it doesn't look that great so you've got to do a little bit more length so we're gonna have to add some length to that are you gonna be okay with your daily routine well I'm gonna have to be okay with it so yeah so we're gonna lengthen that I knew the risks yeah so you knew what was going to happen okay I'm not going to give a whole session on forms because that could be quite a while just going to sort of bend the form a little bit you just want to slip it underneath there make it nice and even you look down the barrel there's no space whatsoever stick the sides bring it to a point and grants fingers are not very big so I'm going to make it nice and like tunneling this way so we got that kind of shape going out like that okay got my new brush this is a line is called exclusive nail Couture that I'm working with I've discovered it in Vegas and I'm really having a lot of fun with it I just love it it's so smooth it's it's high-end and it's a toe horrible hair is it so this is going to be we're going to bless the chrome white I can't wait to work with the chrome right it was highly recommended from some top nail techs in Vegas at the time when I was down there and what you want to try is chrome white but let's focus don't get off-track now let's focus I've always focused always I'm going to put on this is called eternal beige and it's like a little bit more of an opaque pink which is going to create a nice solid one nail looking it's going to be just like a one look okay here we go with our first bead you do excellent liquid to powder ratio and you know what that means and when watching me videos I have missed a few you're learning too just like the cameraman should the moment I learned that we were gonna do the coffin you thought that yes I looked that up really I didn't you just want to know what's gonna be going on yeah you know I'd like to know wasn't you know what adventures I'm getting in did you look up a Ford you won't said you wanted coffin or after well I had seen it before and then I just did a little refresher course so you know well liquid powder ratio is super important and if you don't get it right if it's too wet and running it's gonna run all over the place it's too dry it's gonna fall right off so when I'm patting down like this and I going away for a second when you see the brush being gone I'm actually dabbing onto my paper towel and absorbing some of the liquid out of there so I can just shape it a little bit quicker now.

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