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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Why Form 8815 Institutions

Instructions and Help about Why Form 8815 Institutions

Let's talk about trust we all know Trust is fundamental but when it comes to trusting people something profound is happening please raise your hand if you have ever been a host or a guest on a B&B wow that's a lot of you who owns Bitcoin still a lot of you okay and please raise your hand if you've ever used tinder to help you find a mate this one's really hard to count because you're kind of going like this so these are all examples of how technology is creating new mechanisms that are enabling us to trust unknown people companies and ideas and yet at the same time trust in institutions banks governments and even churches is collapsing so what's happening here and who do you trust let's start in France with a platform with a company where I should say with a rather funny sounding name blah blah ha it's a platform that matches drivers and passengers who want to share long distance journeys together the average write taken is 320 kilometers so it's a good idea to choose your fellow travelers wisely social profiles and reviews help people make a choice you can see if someone's a smoker you can see what kind of music they like you can see if they're going to bring their dog along for the ride but it turns out that the key social identifier is how much you're going to talk in the car blah not a lot flag why are you on a nice bit of chitchat and blah blah blah you're not going to stop talking the entire way from London to Paris it's remarkable right that this idea works at all because it's counts the lesson most of us were taught as a child never get in a car with a stranger and yet blaah blaah car transports more than four million people every single month to put that in context that's more passengers than the Euro cell or JetBlue airlines carry blahblah car is a beautiful illustration of how technology is enabling millions of people across the world to take a trust leap a trust leap happens when we take the risk to do something new or different to the way that we've always done it let's try to visualize this together okay I want you to close your eyes it is a man staring at me with his eyes wide open I'm on this big red circle I can see okay so close your eyes I do it with you and I want you to imagine there exists a gap between you and something unknown then unknown can be someone you've just met it can be a place you've never been to it can be something you've never tried before you got it okay you can open your eyes now for you to leap from a place of certainty to take a chance on that someone or something unknown you need a force to pull you over the gap and that remarkable force is trust Trust is an elusive concept and yet we depend on it for our lives to function I trust my children when they say are they going to turn the lights out at night I trusted the pilot who flew me here to keep me safe it's a word we use a lot without always thinking about what it really means and how it works in different context of our lives there are in fact hundreds of definitions of trust and most can be reduced to some kind of risk assessment of how likely is that things will go right but I don't like this definition of trust because it makes trust sound rational and predictable and it doesn't really get to the human essence of what it enables us to do and how it empowers us to connect with other people so I define trust a little differently i define trust as a confident relationship to the unknown now when you view trust through this lens it starts to explain why it has unique capacity to enable us to cope with uncertainty to place our faith in strangers to keep moving forward human beings are remarkable at taking trust leaps do you remember the first time you put your credit card details into a website that's a trust me I distinctly remember telling my dad that I wanted to buy a navy-blue secondhand Peugeot on eBay and he rightfully pointed out that the sellers name was invisible wizard and that this probably was not such a good idea so my work my research focuses on how technology is transforming the social glue of society trust between people and it's a fascinating area to study because there's still so much we do not know for instance do men and women trust differently in digital environments does the way we build trust face-to-face translates online does trust transfer so if you trust finding a mate on tinder are you more likely to trust finding a ride on bla bla car but from studying hundreds of networks and marketplaces there is a common pattern that people follow and I call it climbing the trust stack let me use blah-blah car as an example to bring it to life on the first level you have to trust the idea so you have to trust the idea of ride-sharing is safe and worth trying the second level is about having confidence in the platform that bla bla car will help you if something goes wrong and the third level is about using little bits of information to decide whether the other person is trustworthy now the first time we climb the trust stack it feels weird even risky but we get to a point where these ideas seem totally normal our behaviors transform often relatively quickly in other words truss enables change and innovation so an idea that intrigued me and I'd like.

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