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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Why Form 8815 Navigation

Instructions and Help about Why Form 8815 Navigation

Welcome to a short video about creating forms and then adding navigation buttons to a form in Microsoft Access 2022 I've got a little table of some details about students and I might want to display some of these so a form is one way to do that I can create a form by clicking on create and getting a form wizard to do most of the work if I didn't want to get the form wizard to do most of the work I wouldn't do that and I wouldn't Save Changes I'd still go to create but this time I'd go to form design and now I can add the fields that I want perhaps I don't want them all i can add student ID i can add for name i can add surname i might put them one after the other and actually do without the labels so i can get rid of the labels and put for name and surname one after the other maybe i want to put some scores in probably need labels for those mock exams coursework scores I perhaps don't need everything else so now I want to be able to scroll backwards and forwards access will allow me to do that if I look in datasheet view it gives me the default scroll buttons at the bottom and it's given me a rather dull looking form in datasheet view in form view it's slightly better but these buttons are rather well hidden so I'm going to go back into design view and see if I can do any better I've got a selection of controls which are objects I can place on forms up here and I'm going to go and look for a button that's a button and if I've got this wizard enabled here use control wizards when I drag a button out on my form up should come some possible ideas that didn't seem to work right that's what you have to do now I get command button wizard and it allows me to for example play with record navigations I'm going to try and mimic the standard video type control also fast forward fast backwards and so on so the left hand most button is going to be go to the first record and I'll use that graphic display for that go to first there we are a command button should have a name and I'm going to call it go to first record okay that name is useful if I ever need to look at properties but the symbol on it the little icon tells me what it's going to do I put on the rest of the buttons in the same way not making a mistake I made first time first of all select the button and then drag it out if I were doing this neatly I'll line them all up but now I just want to have go to the previous record it's going to be my next one and that'll be fine I'll use the picture and I'll call it command or CMD for short go to previous record I don't think I want to use spaces in names so that's why I've just used capital letters for each new word so let's tidy it all up and line them up with the little line there at the bottom and I could carry on and have the next and the last record in very much the same way now if I look at that in form view there we are and I can scroll I'm actually already at the first one that's no good for test purposes so I'll go to record number 3 and test I can move back to number 2 so I can go back to record number 3 and test that I can go to the first one remember it's always a good idea whenever you do anything with any piece of software test it straight away because if you leave it you might have done something else that'll make things even worse and you'll have trouble tracking down the problem so you do something you test it if it doesn't work you sort it out if it does work fine you move on to the next I hope you find that helpful we'll do some more videos with more tricks another time.

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