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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Why Form 8815 Payments

Instructions and Help about Why Form 8815 Payments

Hi everyone this is Misha Cruz this is my first video in English for the channel of Krypton man mmm if you know little love Spanish maybe you can see that my channel is focused on kind of investments cryptocurrency investments and almost everything and also certain investment in Internet I hope this very this video finds you well and sorry my English is not that good I haven't speak English in a lot of time well I hope it's complete video helps you in order to understand this kind of platforms investment platforms so let's begin well first of all I want to say that this video in this platform I think it's one of the best platforms in Internet and I have different reasons in order to to think think that first of all this platform as you can see right there II it's working scenes to 2022 so a platform in Internet that lasts more than two years is a lot honestly I have been investment in Internet platforms since like one year ago more or less and I think that a the platform that lasts more than a year say commonly it's it's good it's a good platform to best also call sauce platform a has a lot of groups that it's it's a real platform for example let's say let's see for example right here Music console shows the amount of rubles that they are gaining and also the amount of roubles that they are paying to the users okay so as you can see oh well this these numbers are constantly reloading in order to show us the real amount that they cap as you can see they have like 17 rumbles in stock in order to continue paying us and remember that these numbers are all always reloading so as you can see they this amount is the amount of of users that they have in the platform right now and there you can see the amount of online users in this moment so this kind of platform is showing us a low transparency and that's why we we really want to see in a platform so right now we were we're going to login in the platform and I want to say something in this video I'm going to show you the step by step in order to use this kind of platform but also I want to do it in order to show us the real purpose in this path from everyone in Internet everyone will tell you that this platform is about buying you a different kind of of animals a farm animals but in reality that's not the object the objective in this platform they the thing that you really want to do in this platform is obviously gain more money but the the real purpose here is to increase it they they really meet you will see what I'm talking about in the moment but first of all here in courses you can you can begin in in different ways with investment or without investment and I recommend to my referrals that always always invest because in this platform if you don't know if you don't invest you are not going to see a lot of weddings in in a short time and you will take like a year in order to see a real real gains so well if you don't want to invest you have to go right here in surfing in surfing you will see different kind of Music pages you can see a list per to see a list in this list you give a click and then you will see an an announcement and you will see a different kind of web pages well you have to stay like one minute and everyone in a everyone and you will see you will receive a certain amount of or rubles so that's when you will gain in a little kind of roubles but when you gain that the troubles in reality that rows will be like nothing very very small amount of roubles and the real object objective here is to gain one thousand roubles in order to unlock this the bank ok that's for the ones that do not want the best but I recommend to do it well once you have a all of the bank because you do the surfing or doing best you will about let's see if you want to best if you want to best first of all okay you just click my referral link then you go you log in and then you go you're going to go right here right right in this moment it's in Spanish but it you will see if a first or in Russian you can translate it in your in English Bob you have to click right here compress in in Spanish is compress ok so right here you are going to see in Robles while a the amount you want invest let's make for example do you want to invest let's say for example you want to bet $100 dollar doors wait a moment we are going to change the order of the converter let's say you want to invest $100 and 100 US dollars you you are in going to best this a man in roubles so we're going to to write this among roubles sorry my English is not that good really this is my first video in English but a lot of people has been asking me to make a English video so they can fully understand the platform all my platforms so you see if you best discipline roubles you are going to receive this amount you're going to receive in purchases you will see purchases if it's tournament translated in English and a well you will do it you will receive this amount in coins different mnemonic coins it says okay so you will.

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