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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Why Form 8815 Prepaid

Instructions and Help about Why Form 8815 Prepaid

Prepaid Green Dot cards are pretty popular alternative for people who don't like to put their credit card information on the Internet you could buy them in several stores cash only no questions asked it's a way to transfer money from one place to another but as local 12s Deborah Dixon shows us it's also an easy way to get ripped off for this story we have to go back to 1949 in the polio epidemic it crippled thousands of once active healthy children seven-year-old John Parlin was one of them one arm was deformed by the disease the late effects came later in life such as the weakness in his right leg a top-of-the-line new step cross trainer is recommended to strengthen his arm and leg but at a price I had priced in 2022 and I priced it currently and it's about forty five hundred dollars delivered and uncrated then on Craigslist there it was such a deal 1250 for a slightly used new step the email at the top even said Cincinnati but still something not at this educated man well no I was uncomfortable along the way because if something is too good to be true it probably is and so with each step I kept saying am I getting scammed an exchange of emails with someone called Miranda included this very official eBay document that said payment must be sent by money pack it also said Miranda has a deposit in an eBay account to protect against fraud John felt a little better I received this thing saying payment instructions it was on an eBay form and had the eBay colors it I thought this was from eBay and I wondered why are we using eBay with money pack rather than PayPal John bought three cards to pay for the new step and its delivery he scratched off the backs and sent Miranda the 14 digit account numbers he may as well have sent her money Miranda promised to ship the next day John waited and waited so I just searched Craigslist and I searched the Denver area I entered the new step t4 and this one came up which is the exact same picture of the exercise bike with the same color in the hardwood floor the furniture in the back detective Kelly Macbeth found the bike jog bot still for sale on Craigslist in ten other cities and she only searched major cities it's the same thing I have Dallas and Houston and Idaho and California all these places were the same same advertisement detective Macbeth tracked to John's Green Dot cards sort of money from his cards was transferred to other money cards and spent their purchases made at a deli and a CVS Pharmacy and all in San Diego California it's a trail but it's it's one that is hard to follow and you may not find anyone at the end of the day because it may eventually go from state to state or it's very easy it goes from country to country cosgrove says money packs are a legitimate tool if you are putting money into a PayPal account for example but it's also a good tool for thieves it's pretty alarming with the amount of money that is being stolen via these types of financial tools several businesses sell the Green Dot money pack I got mine here Walgreens downtown once you scratch off the money pack number and use it to buy something neither Green Dot or Walgreens is responsible for how you spend your money if you don't know the person just ask yourself would I be comfortable in sending them money in an envelope if the answer's no don't give them this number either on the back of this card John ended up buying a new step he paid full price he never got the one that seemed too good to be true because it was Debra Dixon local 12 News John admits he ignored warnings on the back of the Green Dot cards and on Craigslist when he ordered the elliptical he never received prepaid cards that carry the backing of major credit card companies do prslightly more protection when making purchases but the Ohio Attorney General's Office tells us even though pale in comparison with the protection you get from using a traditional credit card.

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