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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Why Form 8815 Pub

Instructions and Help about Why Form 8815 Pub

Music what is up guys my name is Darrow and today I'm gonna show you all something really cool I'm gonna show you all how you can add an announcement bar to your WordPress websites now in addition to this announcement bar I'm gonna show you how you can have pop-ups like this for free on your WordPress websites now they also have tons of really cool templates and beautiful designs so I'm going to show you all how you can add this to your WordPress website now if you guys don't have a pop-up or an announcement bar guys I recommend getting it because these things actually convert like crazy people really do sign up and click on those announcement bars so let me give you all the name of the plug-in so I'm go to my dashboard right here alright I'm gonna go to my plugins and go to add new all rights now over here I'm going to type in ice creeeeam that's the name of the plug-in ice creeeeam so right here you can see it has the pop-ups welcome bar opt-in and leads so guys this has a lot more than just announcement bars and you know email captures it has like even like a bottom contact little announcement form they have so many really cool features and templates and it's a free plugin so go ahead and install and activate it and I'm gonna show you all how to use it and set it up so when you install this on the left side right here you'll see ice creeeeam let me go to campaigns now right here I have two campaigns running so this one right here is actually my announcement bar and this is my pop-up and they have a lot of cool templates and libraries that you guys can go choose from so right here you can go to add a new campaign now they might have like one right there that you've seen bike by default and they have tons of like really cool free one so you guys can kind of look through all these right here now these are all like the email capture and call to action ones and this is the one I use so it's free it's really cool so you know you can go ahead and do your little homework and kind of check these out but if you guys want to make an announcement bar I'm gonna go to add a new campaign I'm gonna show you how you can actually create your own because maybe you don't want to users so right here I'll do something like actually no I'll do I'll go to my other campaign so basically I'm just gonna show you all my other campaign and just kind of run you through the options right here so this isn't my first ice creeeeam campaign so I think this is the one that comes with like with default kind of like the hello old forward press when you make like a post and stuff like that so right here you can see the action bar so over the message right here I chose a new action bar and then right here you can see like give a name of it now right here I put labor day sale 70% off sycron hosting now this actually was a it was a promotion that I currently had but you know I did the sales over so I'm just giving you an example of it and right here you have show after so you can show after you know five seconds ten seconds you can make it appear whenever you want and right here you can see it's an action bar now you can also do a theme so they have different colors or you can choose from so I like the orange and like the bright blue I think those are more welcoming and I think those work better for conversions and darker colors but that's my opinion and then right here we have the headline so a psych round Labor Day sale and then right here you have get access to the best hosting and of course you guys can put anything you want so this is going to be your long tail description and then this is going to be your title on the left side this is gonna be in bold so people are gonna see this like kind of more than this right here you can also choose to use the subscription the lead capture form if you choose to but I want to do an announcement bar so I'm not going to do that right here on the call-to-action button what do you want it to say so right here I put get deal and then where I want to take them well I want to use my affiliate link for sycron right so right here put you know zero since I crown and then you know you can choose the themes default colors you can even add some custom CSS if you would like so going back over here you also have the display rules and what page do you want to put this on well you can put it on specific pages I just want it on my home page and then when you want to schedule this you can have it always or you can even say you know what I want it on this day to this day right here and what device so right here you have the computer tablet and the phone so I choose to have it for all of them and then who can see this I put all the users now you can also have it for people who are logged in maybe you run a forum and you want to kind of market to people who are logged in on your forums and hey do you.

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