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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Why Form 8815 Reserved

Instructions and Help about Why Form 8815 Reserved

Mton welcome to watch one thanks for logging on today we're looking at the brigade classic moon phase 36 millimeters in 18 karat yellow gold you can see and if you like you can buy this reference 3130 be a on our website watch you want calm and if you enjoy these videos please subscribe to our youtube channel watch you wanting now you can see on my wrist six and a third inches 16 centimeters in circumference this is the ideal dress watch it is the quintessential modern breguet classic and dress reference it's one of the longest-running and most successful designs in the brigade catalog today it's known as the thirty one thirty seven but the thirty one thirty that you see here designed by no less than daniel roth when he was the director of watchmaking and Design at brigade ER in the 1980s has not only proven its mettle as one of the true timeless classics in the post al brigade catalog that is the watch is built since Abraham Louie brigades death you have to admit almost 30 years is one heck of a run that only the type 22 can really compare to but not just that the watch also represents an outstanding combination of aesthetics on the outside and real substance on the inside only 7.5 millimeters thick again and 36 millimeters across it's easy to wear on any wrist it will slip under any dress cuff the watch wears light wears light and easy and effortless in the fashion of the greatest dress watch designs it doesn't need square feet yards it doesn't need volume it doesn't need to be quote bold or oversized to make a powerful statement and that statement is largely inspired by the brigade pocket watch number 5 a minute repeater with power reserve display that abraham-louis Breguet himself built in the tail end of the 18th century if you look it up on google you'll see this really is an outstanding translation of the pocket watch aesthetic to a wristwatch format and that was a big part of what Daniel Roth before he founded his own manufacturer brought to the brigade tradition that was back when they were owned by the shoumei brothers now you could see that it is truly ultra thin in profile and that the lugs are retained by very high-quality screwed in not spring bars so no costs are cut in spite of the thinnest and finest of these lugs that built robustly soldered to the case and again the strap at both ends secured by spy I should say screwed in retainers not spring bars a beautiful if relatively spare and understated 18 karat yellow gold pin buckle accompanies the watch and I have to emphasize that because this is a purely traditional design the focus is entirely on the dial the case cold rolled and coined on its side is beautifully finished by hand this is an expensive way to make a case and likewise the Sapphire kavik on is a highlight but moving inboard you see exactly what abraham-louis Breguet contributes to the watch's bearing his name in the modern era the essential design language from the stylized roman numerals to the contrast of Cluedo parry Gyo Chae and the circular brushed metallic our track you can see the dimples outboard of the our track representing the minute marks and the seconds track you can see the inset off-centered complications beautifully cut each with a different texture a different depth adding a lot of character to the dial or imparting just enough I would say vintage ambience to give this watch a concrete link to its ancestry to its design heritage very clear though you can see the date at 6 o'clock the power reserve an impressive 50 hours between 10:00 and 11:00 and a moon phase now this is the 59 tooth variety of the moon phase so every roughly 2 and 3/4 years you have to reset it but again with a watch like this the more interaction you can have with the mechanism with the quality of the watch making the case the dial the complications the better likewise you can see the classical breguet hands you can see them with their subtle curvature they do have a little bit of a a wasp waisted curve as they approach the can and pinion pinching inboard heat blued they have a beautiful cobalt tone to them and you can see the apertures outboard these are the rare hands that have plenty of span they don't seem to fall short there are a lot of watches designed today that seem to have hour and minute that don't quite extend to the indices to which they refer not only is it aesthetically unpleasant but it's functionally a bit of an I would say impediment to use so this watch has neither problem and elegance to burn you can see the beautiful reflective stars and moon discs within the moon phase now the watch has a lot of the other classical elements of breguet namely fine watchmaking unfortunately because this model is an early example you can't see the display case back because there isn't one this was back in the day when you took it for granted that the watchmaker had the integrity to build an outstanding movement up to the caliber of the dial and the case very traditional in that sense breguet uses its caliber 502 based on the Frederic PK P 71 now this is a 35 jewel to point four millimeter thick ultra-thin automatic movement and I want to emphasize that ultra-thin this was one of the movements that came out in the late 60s to rival the great jlc calibre 920 the movement that ultimately went on to power the Patek Phillipe Nautilus the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak and of course a whole generation of Vacheron Constantin dress watches as well as the 222.

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