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I am honored again to have as my guest the one the only the inimitable the ineffable the soui generous the nonpareil mr. Peter LaValle host of the show that everybody loves crosstalk Peter welcome back my friend it's wonderful to be back with you I hope you're fine okay so much has happened since we talked that we could do a daily one hour four into into infinity I think Oh more to come what do you say that because that's what we're going to announce today at nearly one hour show into infinity for those who don't know Peter is so nice to invite me on and he makes sure that he finds somebody on the panel to drive me nuts somebody who goes into my soul and through some kind of weird intellectual execration drives me mad he does that every single time and I want to thank you for that yes you you you are still renowned on cock as fellow again yet again one of the people that you have found to just get under my skin now let's just start off top of mind awareness go Peter what do you think is critical well I'm very very upset about this Tucker Carlson story I watched Tucker he's the only thing on cable that I watch on a religious basis okay it's the only program because half of his guests are people that disagree with him and I like the banter I like the intellectual exercise nobody else has the courage to do it on the Left Android I would point that out but having someone that is a proponent a very strong proponent of free speech to have his wife attacked like that at his own home I think it's despicable I think it's cowardly and I mean I think they got to start taking some names name and shame and people need to face the consequences these are just snowflakes with credit cards okay these people are subverting freedom of speech they're subverting the concept of free of free of assembly and they're poisoning our public discourse I've had enough of this no no they had had Tucker's a wife or anybody for that matter felt threatened in using the various aspects of common law could actually be called burglary because they entered the curtilage the surrounding of the house with the intent to commit an offense therein had once they charged the door had she had a reasonable belief that she and her family were a threat had she been armed I mean I think I don't have this happened but let me tell you something there are parts of America where you had best not do that but that notwithstanding um I gotta tell you one thing which is for those who don't know this your show and when I tell you people love it there's nothing like it first why is your show so different well because we well I'll give you it was a small example I mean what we did a post-mortem of the of the midterms and it was kind of an odd situation because I did it at seven o'clock in the morning gave my time and so it was Heidi get up at 3:30 and we're watching the results come in and we had a progressive on Ron flick home on good friend and he has a very similar anti-war stance that I have and we had three blocks we have one a block B block that for broadcast C block wits extended version and we put it on the internet we put on useless and I wanted I told Ron that I want to talk about what's not talked about in the midterms and its foreign policy and I think it's very important that we talk about it just because MSNBC and CNN and Fox I criticize all three in equal measure here they don't want to talk about it doesn't mean it doesn't it it's not happening and this is something the American people have to know more about so we're more off the beaten path you know we had we did a recording yesterday and you know you know it's diversity diversity diversity and I just said stop well what about unity well that's what we were all about that's right anyways you know just drawing a blank about what oh did you actually say that he said you know yeah that's how I feel I don't care about diversity its I about competence and I care about results what do you what are your marching orders what does everybody knows you of course kid marching orders from mr. Putin he tells us exactly all right this is what you're gonna do what are your marching orders whenever you've been called on the carpet what are they what they ever told you all right LaValle that's enough of that don't you don't you you you were a little harsh or too light come on everybody in the American mainstream media goes through that haven't you I don't I'm very autonomous rt I'm one I'm the only conservative voice there I have a program it's cross talk with Peter LaBelle it's my signature program and I do what I want to do you know I told this to people before I'll just do it real quick I come up with the topic I write out questions to be sent out to potential guests so I can get juxtaposition I don't want everybody with the same opinion it happens sometimes I'd like to avoid it and when we have the hand over the hand overs and life producers have found the guests they they say and they put a short description pro/con whatever we're doing pro/con a neutral whatever and they sent it to me and they sent it to my immediate boss it's just an FYI this is what we're doing he's.

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