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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Why Form 8815 Topic

Instructions and Help about Why Form 8815 Topic

Let's talk a little bit about finding coming up with an effective and manageable research paper topic a couple things just to start with number one is when you start research often you're not going to know a ton about the topic before you start doing the research so don't be afraid that as you start reading the literature on your topic to let the topic evolve as you start learning about it so in other words you may not know the right questions to ask about your topic so that you can come up with an effective final topic to actually write about and add your own ideas to and then also as you start reading the literature let the evidence that you encounter lead you to that final topic of interest and especially to how you know what kind of arguments you're going to make about that topic what kind of ideas you're going to add on to it in other words you want to if you can come at a research topic as open-minded as possible and then also you want to find a topic that is of real interest to you that drives your own curiosity if you can find an aspect of a topic that does that research shows that the paper that you produce will be better your grades will probably improve as well now so a good way to explore a possible topic and to help you find an effective aspect of that topic is to brainstorm about your topic and specifically about possible subtopics that authors and researchers might write about and keywords that are associated with that topic you that you can then use to search the literature to find resources information sources on your topic and one easy way to think about this brainstorming process is to ask yourself what we call the four w's about your topic and that is who's involved where geographically am I talking about or am i focusing in on when in time am I looking at this topic and then the large one is what sort of disciplinary lens am I looking at this topic through so one way demonstrate this is using a visual tool right that I've put on the screen called a mind map and this is you can you can also just write your topic at the top of a blank piece of paper and just start brainstorming and so in this in the middle bubble here I have my own sample topic of drug abuse among teens so let's say I'm starting with this sort of broad topic and I want to try and narrow it down and try and figure out what aspects of it might be of interest to me so using the four WS in the upper left I would ask myself so who's involved here so the starting who is teens right drug abuse among who among teens so two ways to think about this brainstorming process we want to try and come up with related words and phrases because as we all know the English language is a slippery thing there are often multiple words or phrases that can be used to describe the same concept so if you think of something like a teenager on there are other words listed here like adolescent youth a specific age range etc so synonyms are one way to to look at this another way is also subtopics so you think about the demographic of a teenager but if a researcher is looking at this might they look at might they be able to slice the demographic of a teenager into smaller segments for example the gender of the teenagers or the economic status or the ethnicity on etc might those aspects of the teens environment have an effect on when and how they abuse drugs for example so that is the first W that's who the second W is probably the most overlooked aspect then that's I mean the the the the most straightforward aspect that's where geographically are you focusing in on so my example topic drug abuse among teens do I want to focus in on teens all around the world or might it be more effective to focus in on a specific country or state or region or compare different geographic regions do I want to look at rural versus urban teens in the United States or in New York State or compare teenagers who are abusing drugs in California and New York and see if the laws in those states might be having an effect so that is where fairly straightforward the third W when is is actually the most overlooked aspect and that is you know primarily is there a historical aspect of your topic so in this case drug abuse among teens am I only talking about drug abuse among teens as it exists today or would it also be useful to me to look at how it existed in the past do I want to for example look at how drug abuse has changed among our teen populations over time or do a comparison between let's say 1960s teens and today's teens do I want to see how what has changed over time and that will not only have an impact on my topic and and possible ways to narrow it down but it can also have an impact on the kinds of information sources that would be useful to me so for example if I'm only looking at drug abuse among teens as it exists today something that was written in 1960s may not be useful to me but if there is that historical aspect that might play a part of my topic let's say I was comparing 1960s teens to today's teens then something that was written in night in the 1960s would probably be crucial to my topic and I would want to seek out.

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