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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Why Form 8815 Verification

Instructions and Help about Why Form 8815 Verification

Hi, this is Ralph and in this video, I want to expand a little bit on the check for blank function that I just did a little bit ago in the previous video. So, in my last video, we had a simple form. We just loaded this up on our yield web page here. The form had a simple first name and last name field. When the user tried to submit the form, it would check to see if the first name field was blank. If it was blank, it would give them an alert and color the border of that field red. Okay, now I'm just going to read for element it stops the form. So, let me just refresh that and head back over to my editor. So, it simply checks for the value of the first name. But now, I want to check for the values of both fields to see if either of them are blank. What I'm going to do this time is expand on my existing function. So, I'm going to go ahead and start off with my check for blank function. I'm going to declare a variable, this variable is going to be called "error message" and it's going to be equal to nothing, it's going to be equal to empty, so there is no error message at the beginning. Then, we're going to go through our function. The variable "message" starts with nothing. If the first name field is blank, then instead of just providing an alert, I'm going to append the error message with "enter your first name" and a line break. So, if the first name field is blank, then my error message is going to be appended. Remember, my error message started off with nothing. So, if they left the first name field...