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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will Form 8815 Advisors

Instructions and Help about Will Form 8815 Advisors

Since since we are about to elect the first african-american as president it is a very significant historical fact and I take it therefore around the world criticism of the United States for being a racist nation will now stop right that's John Bolton a veteran of both Bush administration's one of the primary architects of the lie that started the war in Iraq and president Trump's third national security adviser Bolton was born in Baltimore to a working-class family but got scholarships to the elite private Military Academy McDonough School where he first got into conservative politics McDonough history teacher Marty McKibben said he used to have friendly debates with Bolton about things like the Vietnam War which Bolton ardently supported the students then were conservative much more than they are now but John went beyond conservative behind McKibben's back Bolton referred to him as Mao McKibben Bolton was an enthusiastic student organizer for Barry Goldwater's presidential campaign I have no question that had I voted for that bill I might have softened some of the Negro opposition to my candidacy Bolton's pro-war attitudes went with him to Yale where most students were protesting against the war in Vietnam and for civil rights Bolton wrote in his autobiography of that time that he felt like a space alien and the protesters could damn well get out of my way as I walked to class but his support of the Vietnam War ended when it became his problem Bolton joined the National Guard to avoid the draft I confess I had no desire to die in a Southeast Asian rice paddy I considered the war in Vietnam already lost he wrote in a Yale reunion book after undergrad he stayed at Yale for Law School an intern for President Nixon's first vice president Spiro T Agnew who had resigned in shame during a criminal investigation one of Bolton's old friends remembered that even in college Bolton aspired to be the highest ranking non elected official in the government and Bolton would create a career out of slipping into powerful non elected positions he was appointed by President Ronald Reagan to the agency for international development teach him to sleep in a bed to eat with the spoon make patty cakes but will that prove but if I could teach this monkey the difference between right and wrong the agency responsible for foreign aid for needy countries Boulton said his goal there was to turn aid away from a welfare oriented approach known as basic human needs and make it more market driven another goal of his apparently was to verbally abuse his colleagues one employee said he tried to force her to lobby for Less regulations on baby formula and developing nations she refused citing studies the formula is dangerous in developing nations because of lack of access to clean water the employee alleges Bolton shouted that Nestle a maker of formula was an important company and then screamed that she was fired he didn't have the power to fire her though so she was moved to a basement office as punishment around this time he was taken under the wing of Reagan chief of staff James Baker and North Carolina senator Jesse Helms famous for this ad you needed that job and you were the best qualified but they had to give it to a minority because of a racial quota Bolton himself would fail to get a job - for a very different reason accounts of his verbal abuse spread and he was reportedly denied a partnership at his old law firm because of allegations of anger issues and emotional abuse that however didn't preclude him from continuing to have powerful positions and subsequent Republican administrations Bolton spent part of the Clinton presidency what he called wilderness years working for conservative think-tank the American Enterprise Institute alongside right-wing luminaries like Dinesh D'Souza and Dick Cheney and then something happened in Florida there will be lots of suspicions on both sides about the networks making the early call the late count that is going on the missing ballot boxes in Broward County and if it comes down to be just a few thousand votes then we'll probably end up in court and Florida Bolton was pulled onto the team making sure the guy who lost the popular vote won the election he was dispatched to Florida to oversee the recount screwed votes for Vice President Gore and working to swing the election towards governor george w bush this is where he first got national recognition as america looked at recount photos and wondered who is this man and why does his mustache look like that Bush would take Florida by 537 votes and win the election Bush would return the favor by bringing Bolton into his State Department as Undersecretary of State for arms control and international security affairs in this position Bolton would play a key role in convincing the administration and America that Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction triggering events that led to the war in Iraq a virtually universally derided conflict that Bolton stands by to this day in more minor war mongering Bolton delayed diplomatic talks with North Korea pushed for a resolution to threaten Iran work to destroy a ballistic missile treaty with Russia when a wall on important meetings about stopping nuclear proliferation and despite seeming to care a lot about stopping the spread of weapons of mass destruction derailed the biological weapons convention refusing to allow inspectors to look at US weapons plants the lack of u.s. participation castrated the convention leaving nothing in place to stop the spread of those weapons worldwide during his tenure he made a few things clear he didn't care about the lives or well-being of foreign nationals he always considered war the best option and he hated the United Nations in 2022 he was nominated to be the ambassador to the United Nations.

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