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Instructions and Help about Will Form 8815 Amend

Music hi and welcome to the x-22 report spotlight today we have a returning guest Jordans say there Jordan is the owner of destroying the illusion calm you can also see his work on his YouTube channel destroying the illusion and I am very happy to have Jordan back on the x-22 report spot like Jordan welcome back to the spotlight thank you Dave appreciate you having me on yet again hey thanks for being here and let's start off let's start off with Q for a sec about why we haven't heard from Q in a while like Q went dark and I just wanted to get your take on why do you think Q is in the dark right now why Q hasn't been posting yeah you know we've got a lot of stuff going on on the public surface we've got this shutdown that's been you know going back and forth there's a lot of drama with this shutdown and the border security as well we've got the changeover with the new session of Congress new house new Senate so I think there's a lot of things that behind the scenes they're just trying to wait to ease up wait to calm down and then Q's gonna begin posting again this last blackout this last break we've seen from Q I think we're on day 15 now as we're recording this remya so day 15 which I mean before we've had what 30 day blackouts and we've had 20 day 10 days so there's been multiple blackouts that we've had and I think for many different reasons of course like we've been saying a lot of stuff going on with the shutdown and and change yours change overs of Congress but then we have you know like Ruth Bader Ginsburg we're kind of all wondering where she's at if she's even alive what she's doing and we've got a lot of contenders opening up presidential bids saying that they're gonna begin running so there's just so much going on in the mainstream that I think they're letting that blow over before they begin trying to rally up the troops again and start posting through Q since you mentioned Ruth Bader Ginsberg RBG do you think that she is in a coma do you think she's recuperating do you think that she's dead right now and they're holding her for a specific event yeah so I've seen evidence for multiple of those theories there's the theory that she is dead and we have interesting dots to suggest that one of those being Donna Brazil's tweet about the cutest dog in the world named boo has died and this is a very weird tweet Donna Brazile linked a TMZ article in the middle of a night last week about the world's cutest dog boo dying the reason why this is evidence to suggest RBG may have passed away is because number one her nickname was boo I believe it was her daughter calls her Bubba or boo so boo is kind of a nickname for RBG that's what a lot of these deep Staters nickname each other is boo and they have different colloquialisms to call each other not just that but back when George HW Bush died in December only about a week or two before his death was announced publicly was when we had James Comey put out a tweet about his dog Benji dying he said ah our dog Benji has died condolences blah blah blah and a lot of people were thinking that's you know is that code speak the way a lot of these secret society members speak to each other is through the use of coded communication through twitter and through other public means so back then people were thinking that maybe James Comey was letting his friends know that George HW Bush passed away through that his dog Benji tweaked dying well now we have Donna Brazile talking about the world's cutest dog boo dying and just very out of place tweet so maybe maybe RBG is dead already I mean shoo we haven't seen her in public for how many weeks now you gotta be wondering we need proof of life so could she be passed away maybe maybe she's still alive I saw one post from 4chan just it was either this morning or last night but it started making the rounds through Twitter and on the Internet underground you know and this was a post from an anonymous source on 4chan that was claiming that they were close to Ruth Bader Ginsburg and they were actually at the hospital where she is being taken care of she's and they were claiming in this post that RBG is being taken care of at an undisclosed location secret location but she's basically in a comatose state and they're just keeping her alive right now for you know what of course their reasonings they don't want her passed away because they don't want a seat on the Supreme Court to be filled by Donald Trump so they're keeping her alive for by any ways and means possible and this is very intriguing because there was even a photograph that was attached it was very grainy very dark some people did some photo editing on it and brightened it up a bit and I still can't really tell me personally if it was Ruth Bader Ginsburg but again you know that sort of fits the description of the situation we have here is RBG could very well be in a sort of comatose state because of course publicly publicly we were told that she broke a rib she's going through cancer surgery so she's having a really tough time regardless if she is alive she's having a tough time so it makes sense that she might be comatose due to some infection and this said 4chan and on post ok evidence to.

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