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Instructions and Help about Will Form 8815 Amended

Kahlan's last stand is brought to you by well you this series doesn't run YouTube ads baked in ads or any other sort of outside advertisement and remains fully independent and fan funded if you'd like to show your support for this brand of historical and political content please consider going to patreon.com/scishow and and subscribing for a few bucks a month every little bit helps and if you just want to sit here and watch for free that's cool too now on to the show Applause greetings and salutations welcome back the Collins last stand right here on YouTube my name is Colin Moriarty I hope today's video as always finds you very well and I'm excited to talk to you today originally today I was gonna do a video on Spain and what was going on over there what is going on over there with the secession movement and the recent kind of election and Spanish government kind of acting a little bit totalitarian over there but I scrapped that half written episode because I wanted to talk instead about what happened in Nevada the American state of Nevada just this past weekend a heinous crime happened there with lots of dead people and lots of injured people and I feel like it's worth talking about but there are so many takes on this already that I figured I'd focus specifically on the Second Amendment and what the Second Amendment means and how it kind of plays into all these different things and as you know I'm a staunch defender of the Second Amendment so I kind of wanted to just flesh some of that out for you guys and let and see what you think so without further ado let's just jump right into the video and try to get to the bottom of some pretty serious stuff let's not spend any time mincing words what happened in Las Vegas a few days ago is nothing short of despicable it was a senseless heinous completely unnecessary and utterly evil display of violence and as a result fifty nine people are dead and some 10 times that many people were injured some very seriously the cowardly perpetrator who will not be named or shown in this video in any way made a room for rent on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel his sniper nest accompanied by some two dozen firearms of various kinds the shooter taking the coward's way out as so many of these cretins do means we may never know what drove him to shoot thousands of rounds at 22,000 concert goers a crime being described as the worst mass shooting conducted by a single person in the history of the United States it's enough to make any person's eyes well up in tears and simply wonder why and how why would someone do something like this how could someone do something like this I don't want to spend this video going over what happened in granular detail or what the shooter still unknown motives could have been there are better qualified people out there who can do all of that much more effectively than I can instead I want to take this opportunity to discuss the Second Amendment to the US Constitution and the public ownership of firearms in America issues that come under scrutiny understandably so each and every time a mass shooting in America occurs I think that terrible instances like this give us an opportunity to speak frankly if we're willing and it's with that in mind that I want to put forward my premise one you may or may not agree with that there's more we can do to stop these types of terrible events from occurring but there comes a point where more cannot be done without infringing on the rights the founders bestowed upon us moreover I believe that a lot of what can be done falls outside of the realm of guns and instead will force us as a society one way or another to come to terms with how unwell America actually is we can scapegoat guns I suppose they obviously play a role but I think focusing solely on them is a grave mistake the Second Amendment to the US Constitution is succinct it reads quote a well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed and quote in the past two hundred plus years since its passage there have been some Supreme Court cases a lot of arguing over the meaning of words and statements like militia or free state and even issues arising over the placement of commas and what their placement signifies but one thing is clear Americans have the right to own firearms there have always been restrictions on that right as there are restrictions on many rights but any discussion about guns in America about the Second Amendment and all of the talking points under the gun control umbrella need to start in a single place the right of gun ownership in America isn't going anywhere it just isn't it will never happen literally ever only once we can talk in an honest open and pragmatic way can we even begin to get to the bottom of the obvious gun violence problems we have in the United States and endeavor to deploy a set of common-sense fixes while also understanding that we cannot and will not stop every insane person from acting insane no matter how hard we try and no matter what barriers we erect the most common argument against the Second Amendment is that its antiquated at the time of the founding Americans had at their disposal two fundamental types of firearms muskets and sidearms they were both used in similar ways they needed to be laborious ly loaded with powder and ball in between each shot they weren't.

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