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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will Form 8815 Applies

Instructions and Help about Will Form 8815 Applies

Hey everyone this is Chris thanks for tuning into our Channel so many of our viewers have asked us about proper acrylic application and I'm very excited to be doing this video for all of you and we're going to go back to the basics I will be showing you everything from proper nail prep for acrylic application to actually applying the acrylic and different variations on how you can apply the acrylic from a three bead method to a one ball method so if you're getting started in doing nails this is the perfect video for you alright everyone let's get started Music okay guys so we're gonna get started with our prepping for the basic acrylic application and you always want to be sure that you prep correctly because if you don't do this right your nails gonna have lifting and you're gonna have problems so the first thing you want to do when you get started is have your client sanitize your hands and make sure they're nice and clean and then we're gonna go in with a cuticle pusher and we're gonna push back your cuticles so Music we're gonna go ahead and remove the shine on the nail and we're gonna do that with a sanding ban on low-speed and you want to lightly tap the nail you're not pushing into the nail you're not putting any pressure on it you just want to take off thats shine okay so now I'm gonna repeat this process on the rest of the nail okay guys now we're gonna get started with our tip application and I want to give you a few pointers on correct sizing for the tips you don't want to do him too small and you don't want to have to push down and it's gonna be not fitting right it's gonna pop up if you try to glue it down and you don't want it too big you don't want it going past the nail on the sidewalls on your nail because that's gonna cause your products to get into the sidewalls it's not gonna have a good fit it's gonna cause lifting and it's just not gonna look great so when you choose the proper size you want it to fit nicely when you place it down you don't want to have to put too much pressure on it for it to fit you want to look at the side and make sure it's not going over the edge of the nail and when you're applying it you don't want to cover the nail like that because you're not gonna have a good ratio of acrylic that's touching your nail plate and it's gonna pop off you're not gonna have a good foundation you want to place the tip as far down as possible but still have enough room for it to be secure so I'm going to go ahead and place that too and you don't want to put too much pressure on it because then you'll get a tip that's facing down and it's gonna be curving too much you just want to lightly place it on there now I'm going to go ahead and repeat this process to the rest of the notes okay so after we've applied the tips on all the nails I'm gonna go in and measure to the link that I want so for this client I'm going to be doing a tapered square and I like to pre shape my nails before my acrylic application just so it goes smoother and I get a good idea of how the nails going to look when it's finished so I'm gonna go in and I'm going to file in the sides Music okay so I'm going to go ahead and repeat that process on the rest of the notes so after I'm done shaping the nail to kind of how I want it I want to use a sanding band and lightly take the ledge off of the tip and make this smooth and the reason for doing this is because you want a smooth foundation to apply the acrylic on it also helps and preventing breaking and lifting so now I'm going to go in with the same sanding band and I'm going to buff the tip and make it a little rougher our acrylic application Music so now you're gonna go in with the pH bond and you're gonna play it to the nail plate and what this does is it dehydrates the nail and it removes any excess oils and you want a really dry nail plate for acrylic application so you don't get lifting and now we're going to apply our primer and primer is essential for acrylic application is going to create a perfect foundation for your acrylic to adhere to your nail and this prevents lifting without your primer your nails are just gonna pop right off okay guys so I'm gonna show you the difference between a wet bead a dry bead and a bead with perfect monomer to powder ratio so let's start with a wet bead when you pick up a bead you dip your brush in your monomer and you want to push it down and get rid of all the bubbles and this is called burping your brush and what this does is prevent bubbles and your acrylic when you apply it so then you wipe off the excess monomer and all your liquid is going to be at the top of the brush so you want to turn that and dip into your powder and you will see it begin to Palmer eyes so let me go ahead and show you what a wet bead looks like so what bead is gonna spread and what these are primarily used for is around the cuticle area when you want it really flush with your natural nail now I'm going to show you a.

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