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Instructions and Help about Will Form 8815 Attach

Who we are and stuff Abby and Brittany were born with just one body between them the only known surviving died catalyst conjoined twins they've spent their lives in a small close-knit community completely protected from prying eyes the girls live on a farm in Minnesota with their younger brother and sister Coty and Morgan and their mum and dad Patty and Mike as they reach 16 and on the brink of womanhood they've decided to show the world what it's really like to be joined for life it's just an ordinary Monday morning in the Hansel household having Brittany earnt morning people and I think that's primarily because they have a harder time getting to sleep at night so they do a lot of tossing and turning at night and that is pretty much destroyed every morning and so getting up in the morning isn't their favorite part of the day every moment of their lives requires the twins to cooperate with each other each action is a display of perfectly coordinated teamwork they appear to be totally in sync but that doesn't mean they always agree believe me we are totally different people Abby's mourn'd pink and girly and preppy and Brittany's more not into pink should we wear this no no I like hats and I like different color hair like pink and purple and gold hats and gold purses and weird earrings and stuff like that this is our room usually bargain with each other like if you do this I'll give you better or we take turns we take turns a lot this is our nightstand so bad those are pictures of our friends from eighth grade to describe Abby she'd be bossy and she's not as well as she used to be she used to be more outspoken um she gets irritated easily mm I don't know she's nice and she likes people it's nice to be with people and she's a big talker yeah brands become more I was spoken and she says her mind more than she's not so shy anymore she doesn't like fast things she's read she'd rather go slower and take her time she's nice and sweet and caring and loving and a good sister Abby and Brittany were born on March the 7th 1990 the fact that they were conjoined twins was a complete shock to everyone even scans had shown only one baby when I went into the hospital I was expecting one child they were telling me that when they were trying to pull them out they felt an arm and then they felt another arm and then they felt what they thought was another arm and then with pulling them out they realized that they were conjoined twins they didn't really tell me anything initially they pretty much whisked them off to the baby warmer and and I know they were calling for more help and and I just seen them busy over with the girls when the doctors came out I noticed that they were in a panic and they just came and talked to me and told me that we had twins that were together they were beautiful Abby was crying and while Britney was - Abby was really crying and I was thinking they're probably just hungry the first time I seen him just they just didn't take about a second - to fall in love with him Abby and Brittany had only a 1 in 30 million chance of living beyond the next 24 hours their survival would all depend on how their organs were configured within their tiny body Queen Charlotte's Hospital in London specializes in the most complicated twin pregnancies professor Nick Fisk has followed the case of Abby and Brittany since they were born I have never seen previously a set of surviving die careless twins so they are extraordinarily rare and they're the only ones to my knowledge alive today they do appear to have two separate hearts one in each side of the the chest and each has its own pair of lungs one on the right and one on the left but the media lung on both sides seems to be fused in the middle and then maybe as one would expect so it's consistent with an increasing degree of effusion as one moves down the body Abby and Brittany had three arms at birth and that often happened was but it was a useless midline arm that didn't function so it was removed and when they were very young one presumes the outlooks better if you have four or even three arms than if you have two because it indicates a greater degree of duplication of the upper body abiam Brittany had three and that may have something to do with why they're doing so well they just seemed to do everything on schedule you know they lifted their heads on schedule they move they smiled they ate you know everything just was working you could see him progressing every day you'd one day you'd see him grabbing onto the coffee table and the next day you'd come home and he'd be walking around it every step was not easy but they got it done - the medical world Abby and Brittany were an astonishing case confounding all expectations of die Kellis conjoined twins with their bodies so closely linked it was clear separation was out of the question so their parents got on with giving them as ordinary a life as possible but with so little knowledge of their condition there would be no guarantees conjoined twins Abby and Brittany Hensel have mystified the medical world since they were born they share just one torso two arms and two legs although each twin controls her own side of the body nobody knows how they work their personalities make them inspirational and the things they do they never give up they keep trying.

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