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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will Form 8815 Banking

Instructions and Help about Will Form 8815 Banking

There is a topic where I can guarantee this concerns each and every one of you in this room today it is money but what we like to have money or even better a lot of money we don't usually talk much about it well fasten your seat belts because for the first time money has actually become a fascinating subject something so exciting that they would even let somebody stand up and talk about it at TEDx so what's going on in fact a global revolution has just started and it goes by the name of FinTech this term was made prominent by The Economist in a special issue last year and Google search volumes have gone through the roof ever since so what's going on FinTech is short for finance and technology and it basically means reinventing the whole way we do we deal with money with banking in a completely new way based on today's technology what does that mean well let's run a little experiment right here right now I need a volunteer from the audience somebody here the lady in the second row what's your name Angelica thank you very much um applause for Angelica congratulations you actually don't have to do anything so you'll just earned em 50 Swiss franc just for your cover courage for participating and you'll I get the money right away there's there's only one problem I just realized that I didn't bring enough cash with me this morning so I just need to walk to the nearest bank branch and get some money from the ATM and I'll be back in a might be a bit dry for the rest of the audience I could also take out my laptop and send it to you um from my online...