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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will Form 8815 Cashed

Instructions and Help about Will Form 8815 Cashed

What's going on guys I'm cash with cashed out boards and in this video we're going to go over the basics of building a cruiser longboard or skateboard press let's get started before I get started with how to actually build the press and use it I want to quickly go over what you're going to need so as you can see it's very basic materials you're going to need some two by fours so I'm threaded metal rod with nuts to go over it and some big washers or metal plates to serve as washers some scrap pieces of wood that are pretty thin and some additional just scrap pieces of wood to make the kick tail press with so that's all you're going to need to build this press and now we could get into how to actually build it so the very first thing to do when making your press is to draw a center line down the board that you're working with when you're pressing board that's important to try to keep everything as precise and accurate as possible so laying out the press well ahead of time is a big help after you draw your lengthwise center line drawn width wise on the sturdy board too then you could start building the components that you'll use to shape your board if you want a kick tail you'll have to build a wedge I used some scrap plywood and one inch thick maple to do this when you do this ensure that the angle isn't too steep that it'll break the wood of the board that you're trying to press also for all the parts and components of the press that will be pressing the wood of the actual board that you're making make sure that it's perfectly smooth so that way it doesn't indent and ruin your board now that you've got all you need to press your kick tails I'll show you how to add some concave I rip thin strips of scrap wood on a table saw which I run lengthwise on the outsides of my press the thinner the strip the less concave your board will have the thicker the strip the more it'll have by using this pressing method when you add pressure to the center of the board it curves the wood into its concave shape once all your shaping press components are done attach them to your sturdy base board I use screws so that I could adjust my press if necessary again make sure that all the surfaces are perfectly smooth this means counter saving for this true so they don't stick out now it's time to add some pressure to shape your board into its final shape to do this I essentially make giant clamps using threaded metal rods and two by fours cut holes in the 2x4 slightly wider than your baseboard to run the metal rods through then put one on the top side of your press and one on the bottom running the rod with washers and nuts through to give your board its concave and kick tails all you have to do is evenly tighten down the nuts and your board will take its shape making a press that uses this style of clamp actually allows for a surprising amount of pressure so you could get locking concave and nice kick tails on your boards you might have to add extra shims and clamps to give your board that perfect shape and avoid delamination so get creative also keep in mind that this method is not just limited to boards with concave and single kicks that's it for this video click the annotation above to see how to actually use the press also please like the video if you found it helpful comments any questions you may have and subscribe for more board building videos as always thank you for watching.

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